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Bulgarian Success Stories

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Bulgarian Success Stories - Interview with -Tomas Guerrero | Youth Mentor & Cultural Bridging Facilitator Aotearoa Refugee and Migrant Support Services https://www.aotearoa-rmss.org.nz/ part 2( 0:26:50)       
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Mr Tomas Guerrero-Youth Mentor & Cultural Bridging Facilitator at https://www.aotearoa-rmss.org.nz/ introduces us to the main benefits of using Cultural Bridging Facilitators: to develop better communication skills; understanding of the clients and their families; cultural backgrounds, values, commitments, obligations and rights; to integrating to the NZ different systems, agencies, work nature, trust and more efficient settlement by understanding the New Zealand culture, norms and rules.
Published: 23/09/2022 7:30:00 p.m.