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A Global Perspective with BiograView A Global Perspective with BiograView
"BiograView, Perspectives from around the globe" aims to approach the inevitable blending of cultures from a positive perspective.
Ethnic & CulturalEnglish
Car Crazy Car Crazy
Do you have the ability to push through physical impairments to make the life you choose? Brendan Cresswell does. He profiles, makes and models, cracks jokes and plays songs in this show all about cars.
Health & DisabilityEnglish
Classic and Contemporary Country Classic and Contemporary Country
Playing country music from the 1950s to today.
Colours of the Heart Colours of the Heart
Life coach Rex Lovegrove looks at life's challenges from a place of presence and compassion, through conversations with real people.
Health & WellbeingEnglish
Conversations with the Mayor Conversations with the Mayor
Every six weeks New Plymouth mayor, Neil Holdom, comes in to talk with Anne Dawson about the exciting things that are happening at the NPDC.
Cool African Groove Cool African Groove
Have a foot-tapping, hip-shaking start to your weekend by grooving to cool African rhythms brought to you by Cheryl and Vic.
MusicEnglish, Zulu, Xhosa
Frankly Friday Frankly Friday
Anne meets with new guests every Friday to give a voice and platform to those in our community. 
Give it a Go Radio Give it a Go Radio
The shows on this page are by people who gave it a go on Access Radio Taranaki. We may never hear from them again, or they may go on to become our most popular broadcaster. Only time will tell.
Grace Notes Grace Notes
Welcome to Grace Notes, an Outreach of the North Taranaki Methodist Parish.
Spirituality & ReligionEnglish
Hot Chocolate for the Soul Hot Chocolate for the Soul
How many times in our lives, nothing can be more perfect than a "Hot Chocolate", even better if we can experience that on a soul level. Is a journey about wellbeing and the warm feeling inside, the show is half in English and half in Spanish.
Health & WellbeingEnglish Spanish
Its About Time Its About Time
Taranaki Timebank is a community network of individuals and groups who have come together exchanging skills and time to help each other out and get things done.
Josh's Broadcasts Josh's Broadcasts
Life through the eyes of an exuberant, insightful, and slightly wacky 10 year old
Keeping it Reo Keeping it Reo
Kia ora ra e te iwi.  Tune in as we explore our language.
Ethnic & CulturalMaori
Koala and Kangaroo Koala and Kangaroo
Koala and Kangaroo are really Tipene and Gaige, best mates since Devon Intermediate days
Kōrero Mai Kōrero Mai
Advance Care Planning is a way to make sure your voice is heard in the future of your healthcare.
Health & DisabilityEnglish
Kris's Picks Kris's Picks
An hour of the best, the latest, the most relevant music as chosen and presented by our own Kris Johnson.
M And M M And M
Music, friends, family, and life.
Making Yourself At Home Making Yourself At Home
In this 1 hour show you'll meet some of the wonderful people who make up Taranaki's vibrant international community.
Ethnic & CulturalEnglish
Me And My Mates Me And My Mates
In this series, Brendan Cresswell and Tarryn Wallace invite others with different abilities in to chat about life, the universe and everything in between.
Health & DisabilityEnglish
Migrant Women Meet Migrant Women Meet
The Migrant Women Meet show is an opportunity for women from all over the world to join together to share news, advice, laughter, and friendship. Join Michelle and Cheryl on Tuesday at 11am.
Ethnic & Culturalenglish
Mike Needs Therapy Mike Needs Therapy
Join Mike as he goes through his own journey of self discovery.
Health & WellbeingEnglish
Music To Knock Off To Music To Knock Off To
Cruise into the weekend with Paul Coulton
Neville Rides The Boundaries Neville Rides The Boundaries
Bridging the gap between Taranaki rural and urban communities.
Pick a Tale for Adults Pick a Tale for Adults
Story teller, Lesley Dowding, brings story into the world of adults with tales from her imagination and around the world, told in true oral tradition.
Arts English
Pick a Tale for Children Pick a Tale for Children
Story teller, Lesley Dowding, brings story into the world of children, with tales from her imagination and around the world, told in true oral tradition.
Ethnic & CulturalEnglish