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We Should Talk

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We Should Talk- Steph Monks( 0:11:12)       
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In this episode, we talk to The Edge Day Host, Steph Monks. Join us as we chat about how to shift your mindset, the benefits of travelling and opportunities for women in the media industry. Come have a laugh and gain some insight into life on the radio!
Published: 21/01/2022 6:07:00 p.m.
We Should Talk - Joy Reid( 0:15:8)       
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In this episode, we chat to Senior Broadcast Journalist for TVNZ and former Europe Correspondent, Joy Reid. Covering major events from royal weddings and French riots to covid-19 and the Christchurch earthquakes, Joy has been excelling in the media industry for 15 years. Tune in to hear all about her overseas experiences, how to separate yourself from the story at hand and combating the world of social media.
Published: 14/01/2022 9:00:00 a.m.
We Should Talk- Michelle Prendiville( 0:15:10)       
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In this episode, we chat with One News Sports Reporter, Michelle Prendiville. After recently covering the Paralympics in Tokyo, we sit down to chat about everything from sports reporting to being your authentic self. We also chat about her struggles with Alopecia and why she decided to tell the world about her condition. The media industry can be hard to tackle, but hear first-hand from Michelle about why it's all worth it!
Published: 7/01/2022 9:00:00 a.m.
We Should Talk- Sarah Nickson-Clark( 0:16:11)       
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In this episode, we chat with the Head of Partnerships at Mediaworks, Sarah Nickson-Clark. Tune in to hear about Sarah's insights on women in leadership, her own experience tackling mental health and how to navigate the media industry as an introvert.
Published: 31/12/2021 9:00:00 a.m.
We Should Talk- Bree Tomasel ( 0:18:12)       
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This week we are joined by ZM’s drive announcer and Celebrity Treasure Island host Bree Tomasel from her makeshift homemade fort studio in lockdown. We chat everything from how to be authentic, to the time Bree challenged politician Paula Bennett to a boxing match! Join us to hear Bree share insights into the world of media, how to tackle hard experiences that come your way and be prepared for a laugh!
Published: 24/12/2021 9:00:00 a.m.
We Should Talk- Toni Street( 0:16:0)       
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In this episode, we chat with sports commentator, television presenter and The Coast breakfast radio host, Toni Street. We chat with her about work ethic, women in sports media and how to tackle negative comments online. Toni opens up about the struggles she's overcome in her broadcasting career, the incredible opportunities she's received and offers advice to women looking to enter the New Zealand media industry.
Published: 17/12/2021 9:00:00 a.m.

We Should Talk is a podcast series that explores the experiences of women in the New Zealand media industry. Join Bren Creahan, a second-year radio student at the New Zealand Broadcasting school, as she talks to influential women in our media industry about how they found success in a male-dominated industry.

Host: Bren Creahan
Produced By: Brenna & Laura
Language: English
Category: Arts and Culture
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