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Different Strokes

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Different Strokes - 07-12-2022 - Show 04 - Stroke Research - Enhancing Stroke Recovery - Jenny T and Prof John Reynolds( 0:29:44)       
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Show 04 - Stroke Research - Enhancing Stroke Recovery - Jenny Temple shares her story of stroke, and stroke recovery. Our hosts interview Neuroscientist Prof John Reynolds, about his recent research, which looks at neuroplasticity in the brain, and research to optimise this in stroke recovery. This show was broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin - http://oar.org.nz
Published: 7/12/2022 11:00:00 a.m.
Different Strokes - 30-11-2022 - Show 03 - Coming out of the Fog after Stroke - Natalie and Matt Richardson( 0:28:32)       
Episode Information
Show 03 - Host Natalie shares her story of stroke, and talks about how clinical psychology helped her "come out of the fog" and move forward with her life. Clinical Psychologist Matt Richardson is interviewed, and they discuss the impact psychology can have on rehabilitation after stroke. Natalie is able to explain her own experience of this, and how some of the innovative therapies in Matt's work were of help to her.
Published: 30/11/2022 11:00:00 a.m.
Different Strokes - 23-11-2022 - Show 02 - Stories and Ideas on Communication After Stroke( 0:28:55)       
Episode Information
Lauren, who experienced a stroke 20 years ago, and has a condition that puts her at risk of further strokes, shares her story of stroke, and the things that have been important in regaining her confidence. Our hosts also interview speech language therapist Meryl Jones about some of the communication difficulties that can occur after stroke, and some tips on how to manage these
Published: 23/11/2022 10:30:00 a.m.
Different Strokes - 16-11-2022 - Show 01 - Stroke - Treatments, Recovery, and Reducing Risk of Stroke( 0:27:9)       
Episode Information
What is a stroke, how do we identify and diagnose it? What are the different types of stroke? What's the best response and treatment for stroke? How can we recover from a stroke? How can we avoid a stroke? Dr Wendy Busby, Consultant Physician at the Acute and Rehabilitation Stroke Service, Dunedin Hospital, will answer some of these questions, and Different Strokes Host Grant Gillett, will share his personal story of stroke This show was broadcast on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin - http://oar.org.nz
Published: 15/11/2022 4:15:00 p.m.

Natalie Cowie and Grant Gillet have lived experience of stroke. On Different Strokes, they host conversations with others with lived experience and introduce us to those working to support stroke recovery, building understanding and support for people affected by stroke, their families, whanau and carers.

Host: Natalie Cowie and Grant Gillet

Produced By: Otago Access Radio


Category: Disability and Health

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