Falling - Minnie Dean’s final journey

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Falling - Minnie Dean’s final journey

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Falling - Minnie Dean’s final journey - Episode 1( 0:27:17)       
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Minnie Dean is alone in a room in Invercargill Prison, writing – her one chance to give an account of ‘the truth’ – but intense memories of childhood distract her.
Published: 18/08/2022 6:06:00 a.m.
Falling - Minnie Dean’s final journey - Episode 2( 0:26:28)       
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Minnie persists with her personal record – her ‘legacy’, she calls it. She struggles as her mind replays confrontations with Constable Rasmussen and her husband Charles Dean.
Published: 18/08/2022 6:04:00 a.m.
Falling - Minnie Dean’s final journey - Episode 3( 0:23:56)       
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Minnie questions her daughter Ellen, trying to understand how a mother who loves a child can cause it harm. She confesses how two infants died in her care on a train journey.
Published: 18/08/2022 6:02:00 a.m.
Falling - Minnie Dean’s final journey - Episode 4( 0:19:33)       
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Minnie recalls the discovery of the infant’s bodies and the drama of her trial. She comes to accept that, though she is innocent, there will be no reprieve.
Published: 18/08/2022 6:00:00 a.m.

Falling is a radio-drama about Minnie Dean, who cared for unwanted children in Victorian New Zealand. She was labelled ‘a baby farmer’, hounded by police and eventually accused of child murder. She is the only woman to have been hung in this country. But was she guilty? Still as a community we struggle to care well for unwanted children. Read more at https://karendzelas.com See video-trailer: https://youtu.be/pLe2w-lmTeE The script of this radio-drama has been developed from The Trials of Minnie Dean: a verse biography, written by Karen Zelas. Minnie Dean is played by Eilish Moran; many voices from the past mingle in her mind. Yvonne Martin is the director. Falling has been recorded by Nicki Reece at Plains FM 96.9. Release date of Radio and Podcast Series: 18 August 2022 See details at Plains FM website: www.plainsfm.org.nz/prog/falling Spotify and iTunes: Search for “Falling – Minnie Dean’s final journey”.

Host: Various
Produced By: Karen Zelas
Language: English
Category: Arts and Culture
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