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MV Golden Kiwis-28-10-2020( 0:55:41)       
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Featuring Eddie Lowe - Kevin Greaves - Denis Marsh and more
Published: 10/28/2020 1:05:00 PM
MV Golden Kiwis-21-10-2020 Max Merritt - Headband - Larrys Rebels and more ( 0:55:41)       
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Max Merritt - Headband - Larrys Rebels and more
Published: 10/21/2020 1:04:00 PM
MV Golden Kiwis-14-10-2020 featuring Pat McMinn - Roger Tibbs - Eddie Lowe and more( 0:55:55)       
Episode Information
featuring Pat McMinn - Roger Tibbs - Eddie Lowe and more
Published: 10/14/2020 4:23:00 PM
MV Golden Kiwis-07-10-2020 Featuring Howard Morrison - Jenny Blackadder - John Rowles and more ( 0:55:47)       
Episode Information
Featuring Howard Morrison - Jenny Blackadder - John Rowles and more
Published: 10/7/2020 4:21:00 PM
MV Golden Kiwis-30-09-2020 Tony Williams Tribute( 0:55:39)       
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Tony Williams Tribute
Published: 9/30/2020 4:02:00 PM
MV Golden Kiwis-23-09-2020( 0:55:49)       
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Howard Morrison Tribute & Blue September Mens Health Month
Published: 9/23/2020 4:01:00 PM
MV Golden Kiwis-31-08-2020( 0:55:36)       
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Published: 8/31/2020 11:45:52 AM
MV Golden Kiwis-31-08-2020( 0:55:37)       
Episode Information

Published: 8/31/2020 11:44:54 AM
MV Golden Kiwis-17-06-2020 - Kiss themed songs this week( 0:55:36)       
Episode Information
Margaret and Vyron feature songs with the theme Kiss this week
Published: 6/18/2020 4:15:00 PM
MV Golden Kiwis-10-06-2020 ANZAC Day Special( 0:55:40)       
Episode Information
ANZAC Day Special
Published: 6/10/2020 12:03:00 PM
MV Golden Kiwis-03-06-2020 Featuring Herbs - The Netherworld Dancing Toys - The Mockers and more( 0:55:27)       
Episode Information
Featuring Herbs - The Netherworld Dancing Toys - The Mockers and more
Published: 6/3/2020 1:00:00 PM

MV Golden Kiwis was born out of a chance meeting at the Napier R.S.A. in September 2009 between Margaret and Vyron. Vyron had been contemplating for some time about approaching Radio Kidnappers to host a radio programme where he could share his vast collection of music by New Zealand entertainers. Margaret, who was keen to be involved as a co-host, encouraged Vyron to get in touch with Radio Kidnappers. This happened and a deal was struck. MMMMM now for a name for the programme ..... After lengthy discussions, the title "MV Golden Kiwis" was decided upon. The title has a double meaning - M for Margaret and V for Vyron, or "Most Valued Kiwis". The first one-hour show was recorded on 30th September 2009 and went to air on Wednesday 7th October 2009. Due to Vyron's shift-work, all shows are routinely pre-recorded, although one live show was done on 10th February 2010. "MV Golden Kiwis" also record half-hour specials quite regularly, and these can be heard on occasional Saturday mornings. So tune into "MV GOLDEN KIWIS" on Radio Kidnappers and hear great Kiwi Entertainers such as: Dennis Marsh, Eddie Low, Howard Morrison Quartet, John Hore Grenell, Patsy Riggir, Allison Durbin, Craig Scott, The Chicks, Peter Posa, Gray Bartlett, Hogsnort Rupert, The Hi Marks, The Topp Twins, Dragon, Split Enz, Dave Dobbyn, John Rowles, Johnny Devlin, Max Merritt and the Meteors, Ray Columbus and the Invaders, Fred Dagg ..... to name just a few.

Host: Margaret and Vyron
Produced By: Radio Kidnappers
Language: English
Category: Music
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