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Reserved Recommendations 14-01-2021 - Episode 24 - Vorn Colgan (QAnon)( 1:5:20)       
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If you're a conspiracy buff, then Q is the new biggest thing. It's a massive, all-encompassing, crowd-sourced conspiracy theory whose tenets are diverse but center around the idea of Donald Trump waging a secret war against a global cabal of elite paedophiles (who may also be evil wizards). It's also rapidly beginning to spill over into the real world, with local adherents cropping up in New Zealand's recent general election, and American Q believers making up a major component of the group who recently staged an armed takeover of the Capitol. Musician and conspiracy fan Vorn Colgan (Vorn, The Wellington Sea Shanty Society) joins the podcast to discuss the appeal of Q both to its believers and its outside followers, and the ethics and implications of this kind of movement.
Published: 1/14/2021 9:00:00 PM
Reserved Recommendations 10-12-2020 - Episode 23 - Serena Deane (Censorship)( 0:59:1)       
Episode Information
Censorship is a tricky issue! It's not exactly controversial to say that some art is not appropriate for some people, but how do we decide precisely where those lines sit, and what actual practical steps do we take to attempt to enforce them? Serena Deane (@shit-imma-artist basically everywhere) is a local Palmerston North artist whose work features a fair degree of "unsheathed titties". We attempt to break down the whole censorship mess, looking at social media policies, differing standards for different kinds of content, the risks of uncensored media, and maybe some practical approaches that might make some stuff better.
Published: 12/10/2020 9:00:00 PM
Reserved Recommendations 12-11-2020 - Episode 22 - Eddie McEwen (Glorantha)( 0:59:20)       
Episode Information
Back at the dawn of tabletop roleplaying, there were three big games on the scene - the cod-fantasy pastiche Dungeons and Dragons, the hard sci-fi Traveller, and the strange, mythic Runequest. Runequest (and its setting Glorantha) are unique and idiosyncratic creations unlike anything else in western fantasy. Eddie McEwen (host of The Audio Archive) joins the podcast to talk about Glorantha, its history and impact, and its creator Greg Stafford.
Published: 11/12/2020 8:45:00 PM
Reserved Recommendations 29-10-2020 - Episode 21 - Matt Sanko (Palmerston North music of the 90s)( 0:59:45)       
Episode Information
As part of my job here at Manawatū People's Radio, I end up adding a lot of local Palmerston North music to the station. In the course of doing this I've noticed that there's a massive musical subculture that came and went without much in the way of record. Matt Sanko was a big part of that scene, playing drums in a dizzying array of local bands. I chat to him about the Palmy scene of the 90's, the bands that made it up, and the circumstances that gave rise to it.
Published: 10/29/2020 8:45:00 PM
Reserved Recommendations 08-10-2020 - Episode 20 - Jojo (John Congleton)( 0:56:50)       
Episode Information
John Congleton is a producer who's worked with acts ranging from St Vincent and Laurie Anderson to Bono and the Baja Men. He also makes music, in the bands "The Paper Chase" and "Nighty Nite" that sounds the way horror movies feel. Jojo from the band Departure Party joins me to talk about him, and his weird scary music.
Published: 10/8/2020 8:45:00 PM
Reserved Recommendations 24-09-2020 - Episode 19 - Dylan Horrocks (Old movies)( 1:10:30)       
Episode Information
Movies have the ability to transport us to another place, and teach us to see differently. When it comes to movies from another time, this presents a fascinating opportunity to look at the attitudes and priorities of the past. Dylan Horrocks ( joins the podcast to talk about this through the lens of 4 specific movies - "The Adventures of Robin Hood", "Tarzan and his Mate", "Song of Kong", and the supremely weird "Oklahoma!"
Published: 9/24/2020 8:45:00 PM
Reserved Recommendations 20-08-2020 - Episode 16 - Dr. Sophia Frentz (Zumba)( 0:49:51)       
Episode Information
Zumba is a popular, unfairly maligned, and occasionally kinda problematic dance exercise style. It's a useful illustration of the concept of "great trash", and Dr. Sophia Frentz (one of the hosts of the sadly lamented podcast "Things Of Interest") joins me to talk about it. We get into the idea of great trash, the various joys and problems of Zumba, and by extension talk a bit about the ways that it's good to exceed and expand your cultural comfort zone (especially if you're white). Sophia wants to plug Archer Magazine ( and "The End Of Everything, Astrophysically Speaking" (
Published: 8/20/2020 9:00:00 PM
Reserved Recommendations 30-07-2020 - Episode 15 - Adam Dodd (Robin Hobb)( 0:56:6)       
Episode Information
Robin Hobb is an American fantasy author best known for her incredibly long-running (1995-2017) series set in the "realm of the Elderlings". Her specialty might be described as taking very human and sympathetic characters, and putting them through the wringer at incredible length. Obviously this is not for everyone (especially since the full "Elderlings" set encompasses 15 fairly weighty hardback books). On this episode I talk to Adam Dodd about Hobb's work, and our affection for (and difficulties with) it.
Published: 7/30/2020 8:45:00 PM

Everyone has something they love, but wouldn't feel comfortable recommending to the general public. This is a weekly series of fascinating chats about problematic faves, great trash, and our complicated relationships with art and culture.

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