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Aua Ni Masu Aua Ni Masu
An Inter-Christian Denominational Hour of Prayer for all in Aotearoa during these challenging times of COVID19.
Religion and SpiritualityFijianAccess Radio Wellington
Noda Bula e Aotearoa Noda Bula e Aotearoa
A bi-lingual Fijian health show, presented in both Fijian and English.
Disability and HealthFijian, EnglishAccess Radio Wellington
Turaga KVT Turaga KVT
A place where Fijian Men talk about music, culture, language, food, health and wellbeing, and family.
Ethnic VoicesFijianAccess Radio Wellington
Yalo i Viti Yalo i Viti
Adi Samanunu will delve deep | research into pertinent issues that impacts the lives of Indigenous Fijians residing in Aotearoa.
Ethnic VoicesFijianAccess Radio Wellington