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Speak Up – Korerotia-20-06-2018 HomelessnessSally and Andrea tackle the topic of homelessness in Christchurch and New Zealand.20/06/2018 01:24 PM0:51:54Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-21-05-2018 CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group) Budget Analysis CPAG (Child Poverty Action Group) Budget Analysis with Paul Dalziel - Children and the Budget , Lucy D'Aeth - Children and Mental Wellbeing Promotion, Christina McKerchar - Children and Healthy Food Environments 21/05/2018 03:43 PM0:48:9Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-16-05-2018 Youth Suicide New Zealand has high rates of youth suicide, especially among Maori and Pasifika populations. In the first part of the show, Sir Peter Gluckman, Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor, talks about the statistics and the importance of providing supportive contexts for young people. Jackie Burrows and Tanith Petersen of He Waka Tapu, and Wesley Mauafu from PYLAT, then talk about youth suicide prevention initiatives in Christchurch. 16/05/2018 04:34 PM0:54:15Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-18-04-2018 Food WasteIf food waste were a country, it would be the third-biggest greenhouse gas emitter after China and the United States. Added to this immense environmental impact is the social impact: How much food is thrown away that could be eaten? Join our guests as they share statistics and information about the various ways in which they work to repurpose food waste and save it from landfill. Guests: Jenny Marshall, Love Food Hate Waste Amanda Chapman, Amanda in Waste-Free Land Torie Madison, Revival Food Company John Milligan, City Harvest food rescue organisation Trudy Burrows, New Brighton community fridge and pantry18/04/2018 02:42 PM0:57:51Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-21-03-2018 Race and Disability Race and ethnicity, and disability, are among the most common grounds for discrimination - so what happens when someone identifies as both a racial or ethnic minority and as having a disability? Guests discuss the intersectionality of this double discrimination, touching on issues as wide-ranging and important as the existence of 'ablism,' the importance of culturally-sound supports, strength-based narratives of disability, and systemic discrimination including in migration policy and prison musters. Guests: Paul Gibson (former Disability Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission) Jane Flanagan (Senior Research and Policy Advisor, National Ethnic Disability Alliance (NEDA), Australia) Lepou Suia Tuulua (Disability Information Advice and Support Team, Vaka Tautua) 21/03/2018 10:23 AM0:57:7Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-18-02-2018 Euthanasia: Voices for and against.Six people give very thoughtful and thought-provoking opinions for or against voluntary euthanasia.18/02/2018 06:00 AM0:59:55Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-06-02-2018 Art and Social ResponsibilitySally hosts a discussion at CoCA Gallery with artist Ruth Watson, art curator Jennifer Shields, Saikuru founder Alice Ridley and socialist feminist Sionnain Byrnes06/02/2018 11:00 AM0:53:45Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-20-12-2017 Collaborative Urban LivingHow can we live 'better' in our growing cities? Jason Twill (Director, Urban Apostles and Innovation Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, University of Technology, Sydney), Greer O’Donnell, (Ohu (Office of Holistic Urbanism)) and Jane Quigley, Viva! Project discuss ideas and opportunities for collaborative urban living20/12/2017 09:36 AM0:57:30Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-16-08-2017 What motivates people to make a difference? 16/08/2017 08:45 AM0:56:40Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-09-08-2017-Ethical Supply Chains and Fair TradeDiscussing the idea of ethical supply chains and fair trade, this is a companion show to the recent show on human trafficking. Guests David Capperauld (Child Labor Free), Natalie Baird (Trade Aid Christchurch and University of Canterbury) and Jeff Ward (Liminal Apparel) debate the benefits and challenges of ethical supply chains, and what we as consumers can do to ensure these practices proliferate. 09/08/2017 09:00 PM0:56:42Download //
Speak Up – Korerotia-19-07-2017-Human TraffickingDescribed as one of the major human rights problems facing the world today, human trafficking is a growing - and worldwide - problem. Ralph Simpson from NZ-founded anti-trafficking organisation Nvader, Nikki Prendergast and Michelle Pratt, founders of NZ group Child Labor Free, and anti-trafficking researcher Christina Stringer join Sally to talk about the issue, and our responsibilities in this sphere. 19/07/2017 09:00 PM0:57:43Download //