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Paranormal Perspective-18-05-2019 Ep 09Tracey is joined by Sammy G for another show - discussing investigation findings, upcoming investigations, Ouija Boards, PLUS find out how YOU can join the team for a future investigation! Featured Track: "Don't Fear The Reaper" - The Mutton Birds18/05/2019 09:15 PM0:28:48Download //
Paranormal Perspective-11-05-2019 Ep 08 11/05/2019 09:15 PM0:27:15Download //
Paranormal Perspective-04-05-2019 Ep 07First Investigation, Background, Vibes, How to win a spot in a future investigation! Featured Track: Radiohead - Creep04/05/2019 09:15 PM0:28:50Download //
Paranormal Perspective-27-04-2019 Ep 06 27/04/2019 09:15 PM0:28:37Download //
Paranormal Perspective-20-04-2019 Ep 05 20/04/2019 09:15 PM0:28:31Download //
Paranormal Perspective-13-04-2019 Ep 04 13/04/2019 09:15 PM0:29:46Download //
Paranormal Perspective-06-04-2019 Ep 03 06/04/2019 09:15 PM0:28:55Download //
Paranormal Perspective-30-03-2019 Ep 02 30/03/2019 09:15 PM0:28:58Download //
Paranormal Perspective-23-03-2019 - PILOTINTRODUCTIONS - Join Tracey and Jess from the Manawatu Paranormal Journeys and Investigations team as they welcome you to their new show looking at all things Paranormal. They discuss their beginnings in the Paranormal, as well as a bit about what their team does. Featured Track by: 5 Finger Death Punch23/03/2019 09:15 PM0:27:38Download //