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Paranormal Perspective


All things Paranormal and the journeys of a local paranormal investigations team called Paranormal Journeys and Investigations. Local and national haunted locations and stories and even some Urban Exploration of abandoned sites around Manawatu and New Zealand.

Host: MPR - Manawatu People's Radio
Produced By: MPR - Manawatu People's Radio
Language: English
Category: Gaming and Hobbies
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Paranormal Perspective-10-08-2019 - Ep 20Creepy Songs chosen by Facebook page followers and, plus the 'Hungarian Suicide Song'. The show will be taking a recess, find out more on this episode. Featured Tracks: Twenty one Pilots - Goner; Tiny Tim - Tip Toe Through the Tulips; All the Little Pieces - Lavinia's Song; Nirvana - Lake of Fire; Jerry Goldsmith - Ave Satani "The Omen"; Rezso Seress and Miklos - Szomoru vasarnap (Sad Sunday) also known as the Hungarian Suicide Song; Peter Gundry - Lucifer's Hymn.10/08/2019 09:15 PM0:27:45Download //
Paranormal Perspective-03-08-2019 - Ep 19ADULT CONTENT: On this week's episode of Paranormal Perspective - Tracey discusses Satanic rituals and sacrifices. Featured Track: The Funeral - Band of Horses03/08/2019 09:15 PM0:28:9Download //
Paranormal Perspective-27-07-2019 Ep 18Tracey is joined by John (aka Tuna) to talk about his experiences with the paranormal, and his gift as a Grounder Featured Track - HIM - Tears on Tape27/07/2019 09:15 PM0:27:19Download //
Paranormal Perspective-20-07-2019 Ep 17Having a chat with George who has had a team in Palmerston North for many years. His experiences and favorite equipment to use, places to investigate. Featured track: HIM - Tears on Tape20/07/2019 09:15 PM0:28:26Download //
Paranormal Perspective-13-07-2019 Ep 16Pareidolia and researching footage from investigations - w/ Karensa (Part 2)13/07/2019 09:15 PM0:28:52Download //
Paranormal Perspective-06-07-2019 Ep 15Part 1 of Tracey's chat with fellow Paranormal Journeys & Investigations team member, Karensa, about her personal experiences with the paranormal, as well as discussing past lives, dreams, and more! PLUS, a featured track by legendary rockers: KISS!06/07/2019 09:15 PM0:27:58Download //
Paranormal Perspective-29-06-2019 Ep 14 29/06/2019 07:12 PM0:28:39Download //
Paranormal Perspective-15-06-2019 Ep 12Psychic abilities and Sophia gives Tracey an energy exchange reading with amazing results! Featured Track: Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs15/06/2019 09:15 PM0:28:3Download //
Paranormal Perspective-08-06-2019 Ep 11 08/06/2019 09:15 PM0:29:2Download //
Paranormal Perspective-01-06-2019 Ep 10Tracey is joined by Luca this week! They discuss Janet Moses and the Makatu performed. As well as Dream Walking. Featured track: GnR - Since I don't have you01/06/2019 09:15 PM0:28:15Download //
Paranormal Perspective-18-05-2019 Ep 09Tracey is joined by Sammy G for another show - discussing investigation findings, upcoming investigations, Ouija Boards, PLUS find out how YOU can join the team for a future investigation! Featured Track: "Don't Fear The Reaper" - The Mutton Birds18/05/2019 09:15 PM0:28:48Download //
Paranormal Perspective-11-05-2019 Ep 08 11/05/2019 09:15 PM0:27:15Download //
Paranormal Perspective-04-05-2019 Ep 07First Investigation, Background, Vibes, How to win a spot in a future investigation! Featured Track: Radiohead - Creep04/05/2019 09:15 PM0:28:50Download //
Paranormal Perspective-27-04-2019 Ep 06 27/04/2019 09:15 PM0:28:37Download //
Paranormal Perspective-20-04-2019 Ep 05 20/04/2019 09:15 PM0:28:31Download //
Paranormal Perspective-13-04-2019 Ep 04 13/04/2019 09:15 PM0:29:46Download //
Paranormal Perspective-06-04-2019 Ep 03 06/04/2019 09:15 PM0:28:55Download //
Paranormal Perspective-30-03-2019 Ep 02 30/03/2019 09:15 PM0:28:58Download //
Paranormal Perspective-23-03-2019 - PILOTINTRODUCTIONS - Join Tracey and Jess from the Manawatu Paranormal Journeys and Investigations team as they welcome you to their new show looking at all things Paranormal. They discuss their beginnings in the Paranormal, as well as a bit about what their team does. Featured Track by: 5 Finger Death Punch23/03/2019 09:15 PM0:27:38Download //