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Quiet Minds


Mental Health issues and stories

Host: Debbie May, Brett Adams, and Beth Nobes
Produced By: MHAPS – Mental Health Advocacy And Peer Support
Language: English
Category: Health and Disability
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Quiet Minds-12-01-2019 Loss and Grief Steve Carter joins Beth to chat about this topic.12/01/2019 11:48 AM0:24:54Download //
Quiet Minds-05-01-2019 Workplace BullyingSue Purdie. 05/01/2019 06:06 PM0:22:4Download //
Quiet Minds-22-12-2018 Christmas Show Debbie May and Beth reflect on the year.22/12/2018 03:57 PM0:24:20Download //
Quiet Minds-15-12-2018 Sue's StoryA chat with Sue Purdie 15/12/2018 06:03 PM0:23:0Download //
Quiet Minds-08-12-2018 Louarna: Music and Recovery Part 2Louarna's story through music. 08/12/2018 11:34 AM0:21:49Download //
Quiet Minds-24-11-2018 Louarna: Music and Recovery Part 1Louarna's story through music. 24/11/2018 11:30 AM0:21:8Download //
Quiet Minds-17-11-2018 A Personal Story From Canada Brett shares a touching story, all the way from Canada. 17/11/2018 05:52 PM0:24:19Download //
Quiet Minds-03-11-2018 The Peer Led Paradigm ShiftMental health radio. 03/11/2018 11:59 AM0:19:19Download //
Quiet Minds-20-10-2018 Maori Leadership SummitDebbie May chats with Kelly Ann about her experience at the recent Maori Leadership Summit. 20/10/2018 09:58 AM0:22:20Download //
Quiet Minds-13-10-2018 Kelly Ann: Work Life Balance Debbie May is joined by Kelly Ann, who shares her journey of juggling full time work, part time study, being a mother, and mental health. 13/10/2018 09:45 AM0:21:25Download //
Quiet Minds-10-11-2018 Lewid Mehl Madrona's Perspective on Holistic HealingMental health radio. 10/10/2018 11:59 AM0:22:48Download //
Quiet Minds-22-09-2018 Postnatal Depression Canterbury with ErinBrett chats to Erin about Postnatal Depression Canterbury and what they are doing to help. 22/09/2018 12:00 PM0:24:24Download //
Quiet Minds-15-09-2018 Auditory Processing Disorder Learn about this very common, but not widely known, disorder.15/09/2018 10:00 AM0:22:18Download //
Quiet Minds-08-09-2018 Disability Assistance DogsLearn about the dogs. Who is eligible for one? How can you get one?08/09/2018 09:56 AM0:22:44Download //
Quiet Minds-06-10-2018 Singh's Story Brett chats with Singh about his journey with mental illness. 06/09/2018 04:53 PM0:25:23Download //
Quiet Minds-01-09-2018 Katie's Experience with Post Natal Depression Michael chats with Katie, about her experiences having three young children, surprise twins, and Post Natal Depression. 01/09/2018 10:11 AM0:24:29Download //
Quiet Minds-25-08-2018 Using Online Peer Support GroupsFor someone feeling isolated due to dis-associative experiences, how do online support groups help?25/08/2018 03:19 PM0:24:34Download //
Quiet Minds-18-08-2018 Hepatitis C: A Personal Journey Part 2Hepatitis C: A Personal Journey Part 218/08/2018 01:03 PM0:25:16Download //
Quiet Minds-11-08-2018 Hepatitis C: A Personal Journey Part 1Hepatitis C: A Personal Journey Part 111/08/2018 01:02 PM0:23:8Download //
Quiet Minds-28-07-2018 Damian Talks Recovery Part 2 28/07/2018 10:09 AM0:21:44Download //
Quiet Minds-21-07-2018 Damian Talks Recovery Part 1Damian Talks Recovery 21/07/2018 09:55 AM0:24:1Download //