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Metalheads 11-01-2019Voivod, Wednesday 13, Earthless, The Sword11/01/2019 10:15 PM1:45:54Download //
Metalheads 04-01-2019Soulfly, Fozzy, Skid Row, Living Colour04/01/2019 10:15 PM1:47:40Download //
Metalheads 28-12-2018Judas Priest, Ghost, Ministry and Metal Alliegence, Alien Weaponry and Shepards Reign28/12/2018 10:15 PM1:45:47Download //
Metalheads 21-12-2018Xan's Show21/12/2018 10:15 PM1:49:24Download //
Metalheads 14-12-2018King Parrot AND Beyond Creation, Fozzy, Soulfly, Standouts of 18!14/12/2018 10:15 PM1:54:30Download //
Metalheads 07-12-2018Earthless, Blindspott, Standouts of 2018, Retro Kiwi07/12/2018 10:15 PM1:49:17Download //
Metalheads 30-11-2018Voivod, Nailed to Obscurity, Phil Anselmo, and more!30/11/2018 10:15 PM1:38:17Download //
Metalheads 23-11-2018Head Like A Hole, Beastwars, New Releases, Anthrax23/11/2018 10:15 PM1:47:17Download //
Metalheads 02-11-2018Jordan Rudess, Skillet, KISS, Kiwi Metal02/11/2018 10:15 PM1:39:51Download //
Metalheads 26-10-2018Soulfly, Fozzy, Chrome Division, Fifth Angel26/10/2018 10:15 PM1:43:17Download //
Metalheads 19-10-2018Xan's Show!19/10/2018 10:15 PM1:48:55Download //
Metalheads 05-10-2018Skid Row, Northward, Burning Witches, New Releases05/10/2018 10:15 PM1:42:37Download //
Metalheads 28-09-2018Skid Row, Ozzy Osbourne, Ghost, Kiwi Metal28/09/2018 10:15 PM1:45:42Download //
Metalheads 21-09-2018Xan's Show21/09/2018 10:15 PM1:49:30Download //
Metalheads 07-09-2018 Danzig, Judas Priest, New Releases, Foot Sativa07/09/2018 10:15 PM1:41:20Download //
Metalheads 31-08-2018Living Color, Mayan, The Spirit, Korpiklaani31/08/2018 10:15 PM1:44:16Download //
Metalheads 24-08-2018Terry features music from Metal Allegience, The Vintage Caravan, and new releases.27/08/2018 10:15 PM1:41:46Download //
Metalheads 17-08-2018 - Xan's Show 17/08/2018 10:15 PM1:48:41Download //
Metalheads 03-08-2018Judas Priest, Dimmu Dorgir and Thy Art Is Murder, New Releases, Kiwi Metal03/08/2018 10:15 PM1:46:36Download //
Metalheads 27-07-2018Venues, Aussie Metal, New Releases, Mortiis27/07/2018 10:15 PM1:48:22Download //
Metalheads 20-07-2018Xan takes a shift, and explores the darker underbelly of metal.20/07/2018 10:15 PM1:47:42Download //