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Kilts and Kiwis - 30-11-2018 - Allie Simpson - Story TellerAllie Simpson - Story Teller Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 05:45 PM0:57:35Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 16-11-2018 - Paisley and PipersPaisley and Pipers - Jennifer Evans talks about Scottish town Paisley, its people, designs and weaving. Marion makes a brave first attempt at the bagpipes with Jeff Paterson from the Otago School of Piping. Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 06:24 PM0:57:7Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 02-11-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 03:35 PM0:57:57Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 19-10-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 06:12 PM0:56:40Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 05-10-2018 - Robert Scott and Craig MansonRobert Scott and Craig Manson Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 05:33 PM0:59:28Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 21-09-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 05:32 PM0:54:7Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 07-09-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 05:36 PM0:56:48Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 24-08-2018 - Ron McIntoshRon McIntosh Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 12:59 PM0:57:4Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 10-08-2018 - Erin Hogan - Dn Scottish Shop Erin Hogan - Dunedin Scottish Shop Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 05:51 PM0:58:9Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 27-07-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 04:43 PM0:56:16Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 13-07-2018 - Craig Manson - Highland Games StrongmanCraig Manson - Highland Games Strongman who will be demonstrating some of his feats at this years Celebrate St Andrews Day event Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 05:30 PM0:57:28Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 29-06-2018 - Piping and Dancing - Sobhan SmithPiping and Dancing - Our interview guest was Sobhan Smith President of the Otago branch for the Piping and Dancing Assoc of NZ Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 11:18 AM0:56:28Download //