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Kilts and Kiwis - 15-11-2019Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 01:01 PM0:56:15Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 01-11-2019Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 10:42 AM0:56:37Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 18-10-2019 - Dunedin Literary Walking Tours - Beverly MartensDunedin Literary Walking Tours - Beverly Martens joins Marion and James to talk about her literary walking tours. Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 11:06 AM0:55:42Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 04-10-2019 - Celtic Noir Festival/Scottish ShopCeltic Noir Festival/Scottish Shop - Liam McIlvanney Professor at Centre for Scottish and Irish Studies, University of Otago, and Erin Hogan owner of the Scottish Shop, Dunedin Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 12:53 PM0:56:34Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 20-09-2019 - Scottish Hall, Outlander in Oamaru and Bill Morris Talks from LondonWendy Simpson North Otago Scottish Society and this weekend's Outlander event Sept 21-22 ...Bill Morris via London through skype on his recent few weeks in Scotland Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 02:26 PM0:57:1Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 06-09-2019 - Ron MacIntosh, Jock Stuart and James MacandrewRon MacIntosh, Jock Stuart and James Macandrew Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 05:38 PM0:56:17Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 23-08-2019Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 09:55 AM0:57:30Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 09-08-2019Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 10:06 AM0:57:3Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 26-07-2019 - James MacandrewIntroducing James Macandrew Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 03:49 PM0:58:28Download //
Kilts and Kiwis - 12-07-2019Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 05:03 PM0:56:48Download //