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Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-09-08 -2019Terry talks to Melissa Aitken about the upcoming biannual event that she organises: "Free Haircut Day!" Where struggling members of the community can come and get a free haircut amongst other helpful things!24/07/2019 12:00 PM0:30:7Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-02-08-2019Terry talks about his upcoming book release and shares other anecdotes!24/07/2019 11:45 AM0:29:12Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-19-07-2019 19/07/2019 07:00 AM0:30:13Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-05-07-2019 05/07/2019 07:00 AM0:29:20Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-21-06-2019 21/06/2019 01:03 PM0:30:3Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-07-06-2019Gambling, life in Southland, Terry's own poems and more feature on this episode!07/06/2019 07:00 AM0:30:22Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-24-05-2019Terry has his friend and mental health consumer Chris in for a chat about consumer representation in mental health services.24/05/2019 07:00 AM0:30:43Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-10-05-2019 10/05/2019 04:30 PM0:28:32Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-26-04-2019 26/04/2019 04:30 PM0:28:56Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-12-04-2019 12/04/2019 04:30 PM0:29:8Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-29-03-2019Terry talks to Tone Miller from the Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust about the work they do to support men in the community.29/03/2019 04:30 PM0:28:29Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-15-03-2019Terry catches up with Grant from the Otago Mental Health Support Trust about their work with consumers in Dunedin.15/03/2019 03:24 PM0:31:23Download //
Calm Minds - Terry Lynch-01-03-2019Terry talks to Cress, manager at South Alive, about the groups & services they offer people who want company, a purpose, and to express their talents in South Invercargill. 01/03/2019 04:30 PM0:29:30Download //