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Round The Edge-12-12-2018 Ep 49Carly Thomas12/12/2018 03:15 PM0:37:24Download //
Round The Edge-06-12-2018 Ep 48Turakina_Games05/12/2018 03:15 PM0:31:57Download //
Round The Edge-28-11-2018 Ep 47Mule and Donkey Society28/11/2018 03:15 PM0:31:47Download //
Round The Edge-21-11-2018 Ep 46Winemakers21/11/2018 03:15 PM0:32:9Download //
Round The Edge-14-11-2018 Ep 45The "Siamese Cat Lady".14/11/2018 03:30 PM0:39:13Download //
Round The Edge-07-11-2018 Ep 44Anaru Devantier07/11/2018 03:15 PM0:32:54Download //
Round The Edge-31-10-2018 Ep 43Zonta31/10/2018 03:15 PM0:35:7Download //
Round The Edge-24-10-2018 Ep 42Val Mills24/10/2018 03:15 PM0:26:8Download //
Round The Edge-17-10-2018 Ep 41The Comedy Hub17/10/2018 03:15 PM0:34:27Download //
Round The Edge-03-10-2018 Ep 40Future Leaders03/10/2018 03:15 PM0:19:20Download //
Round The Edge-19-09-2018 Ep 39Bruce McKenize at Writers Fest part 219/09/2018 03:15 PM0:27:15Download //
Round The Edge-12-09-2018 Episode 38Bruce McKenzie at Writers Fest part 112/09/2018 03:15 PM0:32:50Download //
Round The Edge-05-09-2018 Ep 37Alan Dingley - Rachel catches up with Alan Dingley about his involvement in the Manawatu Writer's Festival as well as other projects!05/09/2018 03:15 PM0:30:55Download //
Round The Edge-29-08-2018 Ep 36Ulrike Uslar - Put Words To It Exhibition29/08/2018 03:15 PM0:31:38Download //
Round The Edge-22-08-2018 - Ep 35Join Rachel and her guest, Antoinette Scoggins, as they discuss the upcoming Manawatu Writer's Festival!22/08/2018 03:15 PM0:31:28Download //
Round The Edge-15-08-2018 - Ep 34David Geary15/08/2018 03:15 PM0:29:42Download //
Round The Edge-08-08-2018 - Ep 33Dane Giraud08/08/2018 03:15 PM0:28:34Download //
Round The Edge-25-07-2018 - Ep 31Callum25/07/2018 03:15 PM0:28:56Download //
Round The Edge-18-07-2018 - Ep 30Rachel talks to Joel Brown, host of "How Different Can It Be?" on MPR.18/07/2018 03:45 PM0:32:14Download //
Round The Edge-11-07-2018 - Ep 29Arohanui Hospice Shop11/07/2018 03:15 PM0:0:11Download //
Round The Edge-04-07-2018 - Ep 28Tim Saunders, poet04/07/2018 03:15 PM0:26:45Download //