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Local people giving recollections of the past, sometimes opinions on the future.

Host: MPR - Manawatu People's Radio
Produced By: MPR - Manawatu People's Radio
Language: English
Category: News, Issues and Current Affairs
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Manawatu Conversations-19-11-2019 - Episode 83Brian Hunter - Part 319/11/2019 01:15 PM0:31:57Download //
Manawatu Conversations-12-11-2019 - Episode 82Brian Hunter Part 212/11/2019 01:15 PM0:31:7Download //
Manawatu Conversations-05-11-2019 - Episode 81Brian Hunter - Part 105/11/2019 01:15 PM0:32:55Download //
Manawatu Conversations-29-10-2019 - Episode 80John Ward - pt 229/10/2019 01:15 PM0:34:7Download //
Manawatu Conversations-22-10-2019 - Episode 79John Ward - Part 122/10/2019 01:15 PM0:29:7Download //
Manawatu Conversations-15-10-2019 - Episode 78Kathy Buurman15/10/2019 01:15 PM0:28:48Download //
Manawatu Conversations-08-10-2019 - Episode 77Keith Clark pt 408/10/2019 01:15 PM0:29:31Download //
Manawatu Conversations-01-10-2019 - Episode 76Keith Clark - Part 301/10/2019 01:15 PM0:25:19Download //
Manawatu Conversations-24-09-2019 - Episode 75Keith Clark - Part 224/09/2019 01:15 PM0:31:13Download //
Manawatu Conversations-17-09-2019 - Episode 74Keith Clark - Part 117/09/2019 01:15 PM0:30:6Download //
Manawatu Conversations-10-09-2019 - Episode 73Chris Morton. Early life. Airforce cadetship. 1year initial training at Woodburn. Further year at Wigram, then permanent appointment to Ohakea as instrument fitter. Time serving in UK.10/09/2019 01:15 PM0:31:39Download //
Manawatu Conversations-03-09-2019 - Episode 72Derm Buchanan - Part 4 of 4. Clinical pastoral education, focus on the “human story” and feelings. Current social issues, family, work, policies affecting families. Declining community activity. Church communities. Churches’ participation in politics. Activity on return from US. Hospital chaplain funding. Need for specialist training.03/09/2019 01:15 PM0:28:58Download //
Manawatu Conversations-27-08-2019 - Episode 71Derm Buchanan - Part 3 of 4. Moved into the ordained ministry about 1970. Chose to become a hospital chaplain. Clinical pastoral education (CPE) training. Also did supervisory training, so spent 3 years in the US (South Carolina). Interaction with medical profession. Types of cases. Some religions giving feelings of guilt and the health effects. Beneficial effects. 27/08/2019 06:24 PM0:29:0Download //
Manawatu Conversations-20-08-2019 - Episode 70Derm Buchanan - Part 2 of 2 - Post-war shortages. Oil exploration near Feilding. After school, working for wool company, wool scouring. Went to Bradford. Airedale Combing Company, 5 canteens by social class. Displaced persons (refugees) arriving in Britain. New job sorting wool. Story of a sorter’s war service, D-Day and liberation of Belsen.20/08/2019 01:15 PM0:25:49Download //
Manawatu Conversations-13-08-2019 - Episode 69Derm Buchanan - Part 1 of 2 - Grew up in Feilding. Impact of WWII. Rode a horse to school. The Boarding at Wellington College, many rules about behaviour. The cane. Big attendance at reunions. Teachers’ nicknames. Swaggers. Rationing, but farmers could grow things. Trips to Feilding. ANZAC Day. Fear of invasion. American servicemen; one with malaria; different approach to discipline. Few trips to Palmerston North. Parents wanted him to get a trade, went into wool at 14 or 15.13/08/2019 01:15 PM0:29:44Download //
Manawatu Conversations-06-08-2019 - Episode 68Kevin Burrows and Rod Watt - Part 2 of 2 - School in the 1950s. The cane and notches in belts. Pranks they would do: making bombs, smells from wattle seeds, rubber band guns. Making skeletons in science. Control-line aircraft at PNBHS. Slingshots, fire alarms on lampposts, triggered the alarm in a stone fight. Rod came from Scotland aged 7, impressions of New Zealand, types of fruit not available in Scotland. 06/08/2019 01:15 PM0:20:14Download //
Manawatu Conversations-30-07-2019 - Episode 67Kevin Burrows and Rod Watt, Part 1 of 2. Time at school together from 1948. Polio epidemic. Discipline, mischief. Palmerston North Technical College. Burning the teacher’s cane. PN Boys High, including use of the cane. Nicknames, good teachers. Trick with onions. Army training at school. School band. 30/07/2019 01:15 PM0:30:8Download //
Manawatu Conversations-23-07-2019 - Episode 66Jim Esson - Part 2 of 2 - Book on history of the Rotary Club of Terrace End, first 40 years. Catherine Hamlin World Understanding Award for the fistula hospital in Addis Ababa. Bringing buffaloes to New Zealand. Qualities for meat and milk, temperament, feed. Swamp buffalo and river buffalo. Valuable hides. Few buffalo in NZ. Potential value for NZ. Increased popularity of goat. Incident with buffalo bulls on a road. Ability to withstand floods. 23/07/2019 01:15 PM0:28:1Download //
Manawatu Conversations-16-07-2019 - Episode 65Jim Esson - Part 1 of 2 - Entomologist in DSIR, 1950s. Structure of DSIR, relationship with Massey Agricultural College. Nationality of staff. Selection of research topics. Cicadas. Change when restructured into Crown Research Institutes. Detail on cicadas. Move towards outside funding for research. 16/07/2019 01:15 PM0:28:6Download //
Manawatu Conversations-09-07-2019 - Episode 64Raylee Murphy - Part 2 of 2 - Overcame early effects of polio. Polio support group, on the board, learning about late effects of polio. Doctors now unaware of polio. The Duncan family polio rehabilitation hospital. Post-polio assistance needed. Supporting each other. Case of ongoing pain, although look fine. Mobility and accessibility issues. Impact of polio on families. Isolation, schools closed. Polio sufferer June Opie, book, Over My Dead Body. Iron lungs.09/07/2019 01:15 PM0:27:22Download //
Manawatu Conversations-02-07-2019 - Episode 63Raylee Murphy - Part 1 of 2. Bank work from 15. Early effects of polio. Hospital experience. When in early 40s, took university papers. Married at 19, 3 children. Divorced about 40. Volunteer and then work at Victim Support, organizing jobs, etc.. Description of Victim Support. Interaction with police. Reduced mobility, need for a stroller.02/07/2019 01:15 PM0:27:15Download //
Manawatu Conversations-25-06-2019 - Episode 62The Future Leaders Programme - Bre McQuade and Gayle Moana-Johnson. Structure of Future Leaders programme, objectives. Participants. How they operated. Monthly meetings. Catalysts and a coach. Umbrella organization called Inspiring Stories. Sponsors. “Try it out” expo. Continuity between yearly cycles. Festival for the Future. Participants’ future activities after the programme. Social conscience businesses, “Dignity”, “Eat my lunch”, “Yellow Bird”. Important issues. School strike for climate change. 25/06/2019 01:15 PM0:28:7Download //
Manawatu Conversations-18-06-2019 - Episode 61Gayle Moana-Johnson - Moved a bit when young, 10 schools. Remembers parents splitting when 4 years old. Effects of changing schools. Desire to finish school. Maori mother. Social background very mixed. Pregnant at 15, mother at 16, in a teen-parent unit. The child’s father. Financial and other support. Second child in 1917. Mixing with other mothers (age difference). Moved into own (rental) house at 17. Social pressures as young mother. Daughter thought of her as very old at 23. University after school. Finishing degree and working in mental health as social worker. 18/06/2019 01:15 PM0:28:48Download //
Manawatu Conversations-11-06-2019 - Episode 60Eddie Eggers. Working in the education psychology field 1974 to 2003. Scope of work in early years. Requests from schools for assessments of specific pupils and formulating strategies. Special classes and special schools. Blindness and deafness. Initially little assistance for pupils with special needs, no specific instruction for teachers, Teaching reading. Studying special education in Pennsylvania. Career path from education into psychology. Impact of Tomorrows’ Schools (1989). Ritalin used since 1970s. Behaviour problems. Discipline, abolition of corporal punishment, alternative strategies. Limited in-service training for teachers. Ritalin and parents. Single parent families. 11/06/2019 01:15 PM0:25:13Download //
Manawatu Conversations-04-06-2019 - Episode 59Rosaline Putu - Part 2 - Moved onto a farm when very young, stayed until turned 9. Early memories. Deaf brother and sister. Wartime, Home guard. Country school life. Pony to school. How the area has changed. Fancy dress balls. Freedom to roam. Kicked by a cow. Farming with horses. Liking pigs. Army engineers, bull paddock. Longdrop outside toilet. Adjusting to town life. Saving. Changing values. Few clothes, making clothes, smocking. 04/06/2019 01:15 PM0:32:29Download //