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Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 20-07-2019 Koru On Devon With Fay Looney And Linda McFetridgeFay Looney popped in to Brownson's Jewellers one day to get a string of pearls fixed. A conversation happened and soon, Koru on Devon gallery was moving into that amazing space, just opposite Peggy Gordons. A massive effort involved dozens of local artists lifting, hammering, painting and plastering, but Fay and Linda McFetridge say it's just the beginning of their vision to build the Taranaki arts scene. We also hear about Fay's journey to her celebrated photography career, Fay and Linda's tips on artists to watch, and hear awesome new music from Ché Rogers. 23/07/2019 03:00 PM1:0:23Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 13-07-2019 Kayla Upton Bronze SculptorExplore bronze casting, occultism, tarot and the Judaic Kaballah Tree of Life as we interview New Plymouth-based artist and polymath Kayla Upton. Not to be missed.16/07/2019 02:15 PM0:59:3Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 29-06-2019 Redecorating Taranaki The Redecorating Taranaki project asks about the people and the acts of love, kindness, humility, humour, empathy -- anything! -- you think deserve to be recognised. Ideas will inspire 10 new pieces of contemporary memorability to be part of Puke Ariki's collection.03/07/2019 12:15 PM0:58:13Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 22-06-2019 Ronald Hugh Morrieson Awards 2019Writers and poets, listen in for tips from the judges of this year's Ronald Hugh Morrieson awards, passed on by organiser Pam Jones of #SouthTaranaki Libraries. We also read a beautiful, sad story from one of last year's winners that you'll really want to hear.25/06/2019 02:00 PM0:58:54Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 18-06-2019 Having Your Own Open StudioArtists who had an open studio as part of the Taranaki Arts Trail this weekend just been, have shared their tips or thoughts, e.g. what they learned, how they prepared 18/06/2019 04:00 PM1:0:12Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 08-06-2019 Taranaki Arts TrailThe Taranaki Arts Trail 2019: Interviews with three artists, Jeanette Benton, Misun Kim and Joshua Sands - Artist, who all had exhibitions or open studios over the Arts Trail weekend.11/06/2019 02:45 PM0:58:27Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 01-06-2019 Rohan WealleansA community arts radio show aims to take on the belief that the arts are exclusive. 04/06/2019 02:45 PM0:59:25Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 25-05-2019 Janine Randerson Weather ArtistA community arts radio show aims to take on the belief that the arts are exclusive. 28/05/2019 04:15 PM0:59:26Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 18-05-2019 Vicarious Art MusingsIn today's episode of Sugar Loafing Arts Cast, we vicariously muse on a range of artists, including - London based duo, Miss Bugs - Miroslaw Balka from Poland - New York performance artist Claire Zakiewicz 22/05/2019 12:00 PM0:58:0Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 04-05-2019 Whare Kahurangi PukearikiPuke Ariki curator Chanelle Carrick takes us on a tour of the Whare Kahurangi exhibition, marking 100 years since the museum opened. It looks at some of the big questions museums face. What should they collect? What shouldn't they? Should conservators open a sealed collection of papers marked 'private'? Should taonga Māori (Māori art and valued objects) be returned to iwi? Do the people of Taranaki really need a stuffed Canadian badger?07/05/2019 03:15 PM0:57:37Download //
Sugar Loafing Arts Cast 27-04-2019 Nicolás Paris"In Nicolás Paris’s exhibition What connects us at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth, sudden gardens appear beneath floorboards and take the place of stairs. Huge logs of driftwood charge through the air as if carried by unseen water..." In this episode we interview Colombian artist and artist in residence at the Govett Brewster Art Gallery and Len Lye Centre, Nicolás Paris. We discuss his public programme here in Taranaki, working with schools, teachers and his philosophical investigations into the learning process, nature, art and contemporary life.01/05/2019 04:15 PM1:0:3Download //