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Chinese Time with Ming Chang-12-09-2019 Common Chinese phrases Ming brings us some Common Chinese phrases 12/09/2019 01:05 PM0:25:33Download //
Chinese Time with Ming Chang-21-08-2019 - Chinese ZodiacThis month Ming tells us all about the Chinese Zodiac, including a story as to why the animals are ranked as they are21/08/2019 03:30 PM0:20:49Download //
Chinese Time with Ming Chang-17-07-2019 - The Moon FestivalThis month Ming teaches us about the Mid Autumn Festival aka Moon Festival17/07/2019 02:37 PM0:20:27Download //
Chinese Time with Ming Chang-25-06-2019 Chinese Valentines Day Ming chats about Chinese Valentines Day 25/06/2019 05:38 PM0:22:56Download //
Chinese Time with Ming Chang-17-05-2019 Chinese Dragon Festival Ming chats about the Chinese Dragon Festival 17/05/2019 03:25 PM0:16:20Download //
Chinese Time with Ming Chang-23-04-2019 The Chinese Lantern FestivalMing Chang chats about The Chinese Lantern Festival23/04/2019 01:32 PM0:20:21Download //