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Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay


Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay

Gospel songs and bible teachings for the Filipino community

Host: Brother Len
Produced By: Rolen Mathetes
Language: Tagalog
Category: Faith and Spirituality
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Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-10-02-2019 Part 3 Biblical Rules of EmploymentGood harmony to all people10/02/2019 08:00 AM0:30:27Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-03-02-2019- Part 2, Biblical Rules of EmploymentGood harmony to all people03/02/2019 08:00 AM0:26:29Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-27-01-2019 We Must Speak with a Good WordWe Must Speak with a Good Word27/01/2019 08:00 AM0:26:19Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-20-01-2019 Biblical Rules of employmentGood harmony to all people20/01/2019 08:00 AM0:26:38Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-13-01-2019 We Need the Lord Part 2Scripture and music with Brother Len13/01/2019 08:00 AM0:27:16Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-06-01-2019 We Neeed the LordWe can do nothing without Jesus Christ06/01/2019 08:00 AM0:24:55Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-30-12-2018 Prophecies of the Messiah Part 2God fulfilled His Promises30/12/2018 08:30 AM0:25:58Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-23-12-2018 God fulfilled His PromiseProphecies of the messiah fulfilled by Jesus23/12/2018 08:00 AM0:26:50Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-16-12-2018 The SeedThe word of God is a Seed16/12/2018 01:01 PM0:26:1Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-09-12-2018 God Cares for all of his Creatures 09/12/2018 09:58 AM0:26:58Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-02-12-2018 God is Generous to his PeopleGreat gifts of God to man. 02/12/2018 09:40 AM0:26:5Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-25-11-2018 Our Time Is For Jesus Give time to the Lord. 25/11/2018 09:58 AM0:27:27Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-18-11-2018 Working HardBe a hard worker, 18/11/2018 10:36 AM0:30:1Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-11-11-2018 Love The Lord, Your God!We can do and obey His will. 11/11/2018 09:22 AM0:29:11Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-04-11-2018 The Greatest Thanksgiving Part 2 All blessings are from God. 04/11/2018 09:44 AM0:26:8Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-28-10-2018 The Greatest Thanksgiving All blessings are from God.28/10/2018 09:53 AM0:30:27Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-21-10-2018 Blessed PeopleThose who are meek, merciful and peacemakers. 21/10/2018 12:36 PM0:27:25Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-14-10-2018 The Prayer Is Very Important Pray without ceasing. 14/10/2018 09:48 AM0:25:53Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-07-10-2018 The Purpose of Meditation We will not forget God. 07/10/2018 11:50 AM0:27:56Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-30-09-2018 God Loves UsHe sent His son, holy spirit. 30/09/2018 10:58 AM0:26:4Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-23-09-2018 The Prodigal Son The son realised his wrong, repented and returned as his father.23/09/2018 10:04 AM0:28:34Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-16-09-2018 Prepare to meet your GodWe don't know when God will take away our lives.16/09/2018 09:48 AM0:26:47Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-09-09-2018 Live for the LordPhilippians 1:21, Roman 19:7-8. We live or die, we are the Lord's.09/09/2018 09:34 AM0:26:52Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-26-08-2018 Variety gospel Tagalog songs Part 1Spiritual & heavenly song.26/08/2018 10:35 AM0:26:15Download //
Golden Guide - Guinintoang Gabay-19-08-2018 We must be born againWe need to be transformed into Godly people.19/08/2018 10:34 AM0:26:18Download //