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PB and H Show - 12-11-2019 Episode 88GRAHAM HUGHES!!!12/11/2019 10:15 PM0:53:0Download //
PB and H Show - 05-11-2019 Episode 87CPW - BACK TO PALMY - Rosie Rude and Sammy G run through NZ around the country, including CPW's 2nd show in Palmy over the weekend. Plus a quick rundown on Crown Jewel.05/11/2019 10:15 PM0:54:24Download //
PB and H Show - 29-10-2019 Episode 86BACK TO PALMY - Rosie Rude and Sammy G run through NZ Events before being joined by CPW's Jay Marshal to run through some of the matches scheduled for this weekend's event in Palmy at Ross Intermediate!29/10/2019 10:15 PM0:53:21Download //
PB and H Show - 22-10-2019 Episode 85BEN MANA - Fresh from a post-gym workout, Ben Mana joins Rosie Rude and Sammy G on this week's episode of PBandH! They talk about his first appearance on the show, post-wedding happenings, River City Pro, as well as a message for James Shaw ahead of CPW's Back to Palmy event on November 2nd 2019!22/10/2019 10:15 PM1:27:2Download //
PB and H Show - 15-10-2019 Episode 84The Draft, and more! - Sammy G and Rosie Rude take a look at events around NZ, as well as discussing a few notable stories internationally. Including: Jon Moxley's vacation of the IWGP US Title; More on the controversial Hell in a Cell 2019 finish; A brief discussion on AEW; Plus, all of the WWE Draft results following SmackDown's debut on FOX last week.15/10/2019 10:15 PM0:53:25Download //
PB and H Show - 08-10-2019 Episode 83FTG!!! - Sammy G and Rosie Rude go through recent NZ Events, as well as a bit of a discussion on the Hell in a Cell 2019 finish, then they're joined via internet magicalness by CPW's FTG!08/10/2019 10:15 PM1:48:34Download //
PB and H Show - 01-10-2019 Episode 82Half-Show (OnDemand Only) - Sammy G covers NZ events and updates, as well as quick looks at AEW and WWE (including 2K20)01/10/2019 10:15 PM0:28:38Download //
PB and H Show - 24-09-2019 Episode 81Catch-Up and Clash of Champions 2019 - Sammy G and Rosie Rude return to the studio after a week off to cover wrestling news from around NZ, and a one-sided look at Clash of Champions 2019!24/09/2019 10:00 PM0:53:48Download //
PB and H Show - 10-09-2019 Episode 80The Southern Rumble and more! - Rosie Rude returns to the studio alongside Sammy G to run through upcoming NZ Events and news, plus they talk about SPW & MCW's Southern Rumble - recently broadcast on TVNZ Duke/OnDemand!10/09/2019 10:15 PM1:36:49Download //
PB and H Show - 03-09-2019 Episode 79SPENCER KYLE! - Sammy G runs through the local events around New Zealand before chatting with the Hughes Academy Champion: Spencer Kyle!03/09/2019 10:15 PM1:0:51Download //
PB and H Show - 28-08-2019 Episode 78CPW in Wainui, and more! - Sammy G is joined by NZ's Favourite SuperHero Jay Marshal to talk wrestling news around NZ as well as a rundown of CPW's Wainuiomata Intermediate show, plus a look into AEW's upcoming ALL OUT event this weekend!27/08/2019 10:15 PM1:27:52Download //
PB and H Show - 20-08-2019 Episode 77*Rosie Rude on SummerSlam 2019 - Sammy G is joined by Ravishing Rosie Rude, they run through upcoming events around the country, as well as Sammy G's rundown of the Hughes Academy show in Epuni over the weekend. Plus, Rosie gives her thoughts on SummerSlam 2019, and more!20/08/2019 10:15 PM1:44:53Download //
PB and H Show - 13-08-2019 Episode 76*The Return of R.R. - Sammy G is joined in the studio by an old friend to talk NXT TakeOver: Toronto, as well as WWE SummerSlam 2019! Plus NZ event news, and more!13/08/2019 09:41 PM2:11:20Download //
PB and H Show - 06-08-2019 Episode 75PODCAST ONLY - Sammy G runs through news and events around NZ (Including IPW's EPIC Announcement, and massive news from UCW!), as well as hype for NXT TakeOver: Toronto and WWE SummerSlam 2019 - plus fan feedback which leads to a special reflective story on the journey to the present day!06/08/2019 10:00 PM0:24:1Download //
PB and H Show - 30-07-2019 Episode 74*WWE Extreme Rules 2019 - Sammy G and Rosie Rude give NZ Updates before going through the recent WWE Extreme Rules 2019 PPV.30/07/2019 10:15 PM1:25:30Download //
PB and H Show - 23-07-2019 Episode 73*CPW: LIVE PRO WRESTLING FUNDRAISER Review - Sammy G and Rosie Rude are joined in the studio by River City Pro Trainee, Ray Gunn, and online by CPW's Jay Marshal to run through the first ever Palmy show over the weekend! Including results, insider info, and more!23/07/2019 10:15 PM1:37:18Download //
PB and H Show - 16-07-2019 Episode 72*No Rude...Rude! - Sammy G flies solo for the weekly updates - including the upcoming Capital Pro Wrestling: Live Pro Wrestling Fundraiser here in Palmerston North This Weekend! (July 20th 2019). This week's podcast extra features Rosie Rude's special conversation with one half of Bad Bromance - 'Thunderbird' Daniel Martins!16/07/2019 10:15 PM1:28:26Download //
PB and H Show - 09-07-2019 Episode 71 09/07/2019 10:00 PM0:57:55Download //
PB and H Show - 02-07-2019 Episode 70*RETURN OF THE RUDE ONE!!!02/07/2019 10:15 PM1:53:39Download //
PB and H Show - 18-06-2019 Episode 68NZ UPDATES, and CPW Ngaio! Sammy G flies solo once again, presenting a half-hour of NZ Wrestling updates, as well as a run-down on CPW's Live Pro Wrestling event in Ngaio over the weekend, plus quick updates on WWE Stomping Ground and AEW Fyter Fest!18/06/2019 10:15 PM0:25:49Download //
PB and H Show - 11-06-2019 Episode 67*NZ Updates, CPW Announcement, and WWE Super ShowDown (w/ Super Hero - Jay Marshal) - With Rosie Rude still out with sickness, Sammy G called in a super favour from NZ's Favourite SuperHero - Jay Marshal! They run through NZ happenings, as well as running through this weekend's card for CPW Ngaio, plus WWE Super ShowDown results/thoughts, AND: A Special Announcement for Wrestling Fans in Palmerston North!11/06/2019 10:15 PM1:45:38Download //
PB and H Show - 04-06-2019 Episode 66*NZ Updates, Double or Nothing, TakeOver XXV, and more! - Sammy G flies solo this week as The Rude One is struck down with the sickness. He covers Double or Nothing, TakeOver XXV, as well as a couple of other WWE Network Specials. PLUS: Paul Sayer's chat with PBandH from last month!04/06/2019 10:15 PM1:42:1Download //
PB and H Show - 28-05-2019 Episode 65*NZ, MITB part 2, & RYDER-SPW - Rosie Rude and Sammy G go through the latest NZ Updates before finishing off their Money in the Bank 2019 discussions. Then, they're joined by 'The Golden Boy' - Ryder, all the way from SPW! They talk about his beginnings in wrestling, Detention, and much more! - AEW DOUBLE OR NOTHING SPOILER FREE -28/05/2019 10:15 PM1:41:58Download //
PB and H Show - 21-05-2019 Episode 64CPW and Money in the Bank 2019 Part 1 - Sammy G and Rosie Rude run through recent and upcoming events in NZ, as well as a rundown on Capital Pro Wrestling's Live Pro Wrestling event in Epuni over the weekend. Plus, some quick thoughts on WWE's Money in the Bank 2019.21/05/2019 10:00 PM0:49:23Download //