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Indonesian Corner - Dian-16-11-2019Living costs in Invercargill. Some migrants think living in New Zealand is expensive. So, in this episode, Dian chats with with Prastita A. Santoso, a student who has experience in how to save money in New Zealand!16/11/2019 07:00 AM0:29:35Download //
Indonesian Corner - Dian-09-11-2019Dian talks with an Indonesian student who has been studying at James Hargest College, Jonathan Chuhairy!09/11/2019 07:00 AM0:31:25Download //
Indonesian Corner - Dian-02-11-2019Dian discusses the Islam community in Southland for Islam Awareness Week, with guest Silvia Abdul Jabbar - a leader of the Murihiku Islamic Trust!02/11/2019 07:00 AM0:28:57Download //
Indonesian Corner - Dian-26-10-2019Dian talks about the Islamic Community in Southland, as Islam Awareness Week is approaching!26/10/2019 07:00 AM0:30:35Download //
Indonesian Corner - Dian-19-10-2019Dian looks at studying IT in Invercargill, with her guest Gerry Frans, a SIT student studying IT. Plus - new Indonesian music, and Gerry performs with his guitar!19/10/2019 07:00 AM0:30:11Download //
Indonesian Corner - Dian-12-10-2019Dian talks about tips and tricks to cooking Indonesian food in Invercargill, with guest Deyo, an Indonesian student studying hospitality in Invercargill!12/10/2019 07:00 AM0:31:37Download //
Indonesian Corner - Dian-05-10-2019Dian talks with guest Yudi Suseno about the Indonesian student community in Invercargill and his role as the leader!05/10/2019 07:00 AM0:30:45Download //
Indonesian Corner - Dian-28-09-2019Dian discusses the Southland environment with her guest, Leni Tambo, an Indonesian environmental management student!28/09/2019 07:00 AM0:30:46Download //
Indonesian Corner - Dian-24-09-2019 24/09/2019 07:00 AM0:31:17Download //