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The Lave Mai Show - 12-11-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 03:14 PM0:56:7Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 29-10-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 03:39 PM0:55:29Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 15-10-2018 - Pacific DiversityOur topic of the week is Pacific Diversity! What's one way your Pacific nation differs from another? Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 12:37 PM0:53:14Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 01-10-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 04:31 PM0:56:28Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 17-09-2018 - Pacific Specific Initiatives - Do We Need Them in NZ?Pacific Specific Initiatives - The team is joined by Nera Tautau (President of PILSA Otago) and Fuakava Tanginoa (PIHPSA Otago) to talk about Pacific-Specific initiatives and whether there is a need for them in NZ. Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 04:10 PM0:55:16Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 03-09-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 06:28 PM0:56:44Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 20-08-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 06:18 PM0:50:44Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 06-08-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 12:32 PM0:55:38Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 23-07-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 02:58 PM0:53:43Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 09-07-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 03:33 PM0:51:51Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 25-06-2018Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 03:13 PM0:56:35Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 11-06-2018 - Parents and their influence on relationshipsParents and their influence on relationships - Tune in to the team and guest host - University of Otago student Mou Fahamokioa! The topic of discussion is about parents and their influence on relationships and how it affects us as young Tongan people. Shout out also to our Tokotaha of the Week - Lata Ma'u a.k.a Ladyfats Broadcast on Otago Access Radio 06:29 PM0:56:48Download //
The Lave Mai Show - 28-05-2018 - Relationships during study - yay or nay?The team relays the opinions of tertiary students about relationships while studying. They use these to discuss whether it is a distraction or not and is it a positive or negative influence on your study. 29/05/2018 10:40 AM0:55:15Download //