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Greenthumbs in Canterbury-04-03-2019 -Trees for Canterbury and the Fruit and Veg CircleInterviews with Lindsay Day from the Horticultural Society and Steve Bush, manager of Trees for Canterbury04/03/2019 09:00 AM0:26:41Download //
Greenthumbs in Canterbury-11-02-2019 Aromaunga NurseryAn interview with florist Hillery Western11/02/2019 09:00 AM0:26:13Download //
Greenthumbs in Canterbury-14-01-2019 The Two Alans of Canterbury HorticultureAlan Jolliffe and Allan Patterson aka Badger talk about some future plans of the Canterbury Horticultural Society and moss14/01/2019 08:00 AM0:25:46Download //
Greenthumbs in Canterbury-10-12-2018 Chatting with Diane and MichaelRae and Annette chat with Diane, Curator of Townend House, and Michael from the Canterbury Horticultural Society. 10/12/2018 12:12 PM0:26:10Download //
Greenthumbs in Canterbury-12-11-2018 Herbs and Hydroponics Ray and Annette chat with some special guests about herbs and hydroponics!12/11/2018 04:33 PM0:22:3Download //
Greenthumbs in Canterbury-08-10-2018 Home Soil and Interviews in the GardenRay and Annette interview an asparagus farmer, and the woman in charge of ensuring schools in Canterbury plant trees! 08/10/2018 01:41 PM0:28:39Download //