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Medicine Man-10-04-2019 - Dr Carl BamletMichael interviews Dr Carl Bamlet - The Modern Caveman about nutrition and alternative medicine10/04/2019 09:00 AM0:27:22Download //
Medicine Man-13-03-2019 - GivingMichael shows us how "giving" can change our lives13/03/2019 09:00 AM0:21:35Download //
Medicine Man-27-02-2019 - Izabella Rogala - The Hawaiian MassageMichael chats with Izabella Rogala about The Hawaiian Massage27/02/2019 09:00 AM0:26:24Download //
Medicine Man-20-02-2019 - WaterThe importance of water20/02/2019 09:00 AM0:23:51Download //
Medicine Man-06-02-2019 MigrainesMichael offers tips for dealing with migraine headaches06/02/2019 08:00 AM0:25:12Download //
Medicine Man-30-01-2019 - Vitamin C 30/01/2019 09:00 AM0:25:13Download //
Medicine Man-16-01-2019 Gardening BasicsMichael talks about the benefits of gardening and how to get started11/01/2019 08:00 AM0:23:53Download //
Medicine Man-09-01-2019 Toxic Relationships Part 2How to identify and deal with a toxic relationship09/01/2019 08:00 AM0:25:25Download //
Medicine Man-02-01-2019 Escaping ToxinsHow to recognise toxins in your life and how to detox02/01/2019 08:00 AM0:24:39Download //
Medicine Man-26-12-2018 Emotional Well-beingA few insights into dealing with 'the Black Dog'26/12/2018 08:00 AM0:23:58Download //
Medicine Man-19-12-2018 Mental Health: A Country In CrisisPart 1.19/12/2018 11:26 AM0:26:12Download //
Medicine Man-05-12-2018 The Bowel is the BossMedicine Man shares some tips to keep your bowel healthy. 05/12/2018 02:22 PM0:19:5Download //
Medicine Man-28-11-2018 The Miracle of Vitamin EMedicine Man shares the wonders of Vitamin E.28/11/2018 02:28 PM0:21:30Download //
Medicine Man-21-11-2018 Vitamins Medicine Man tells us all about vitamins!21/11/2018 05:00 PM0:21:11Download //
Medicine Man-07-11-2018 Wellness Finding - Part 2Medicine Man and Di Foster join up again for another chat!07/11/2018 02:39 PM0:25:49Download //
Medicine Man-31-10-2018 Wellness Finding - Part 1 A Plains FM show crossover! Medicine Man has Di Foster on the show, from Foster Wellness. An inspiring chat not to be missed!31/10/2018 02:57 PM0:26:16Download //