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Not Just Sunday-12-10-2018 wk42Moses part 112/10/2018 04:49 PM0:29:15Download //
Not Just Sunday-08-10-2018 wk41 CD for ChristmasWendy and GJ listen to a recommendation for the Christmas Present list08/10/2018 03:14 PM0:29:39Download //
Not Just Sunday-02-10-2018 wk40 Music and TheologyWendy and Graeme talk about music and theology02/10/2018 05:01 PM0:29:40Download //
Not Just Sunday-21-09-2018 wk39Snippets 221/09/2018 04:10 PM0:29:48Download //
Not Just Sunday-08-09-2018 wk37 Russell WattsWendy attended Children's Training week at Carey College and while there, interviewed Russell Watts of Whangarei Central Baptist08/09/2018 02:05 PM0:27:56Download //
Not Just Sunday-31-08-2018 wk36 Animals 2Wendy and Graeme explore the animal kingdom31/08/2018 03:00 PM0:29:50Download //
Not Just Sunday-25-08-2018 wk35 Animals 1Wendy and Graeme talk about the animal kingdom25/08/2018 01:37 PM0:29:32Download //
Not Just Sunday-20-08-2018Wendy and Graeme consider the Book of Proverbs20/08/2018 11:43 AM0:28:23Download //