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The Young Workers Toolbox - 11-07-2018Why is everyone on strike lately? How does a strike even work? Is it legal? This episode we natter about why workers go on strike, when they are allowed to do it, and how you actually go about it.11/07/2018 04:00 PM0:28:36Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - 04-07-2018What is life like for millennials? Is it possible to have a job where you feel good about the impact you’re making? We chat to Seed Founder Gemma Major about the challenges and opportunities of living in the Waikato for young people and the growing trend of social enterprise as space for millennials to find meaningful employment.04/07/2018 03:00 PM0:25:22Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 10 - 20-06-2018The Young Workers Toolbox covers all the employment issues you young workers can think of.20/06/2018 03:30 PM0:26:31Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 09 - 13-06-2018Do we value people’s lives in the workplace? When should you take a mental health day? Who makes sure our workplaces don’t kill us? We chat to Stand Up (Youth Union Movement) convenor Heather Warren about workplace health and safety and try to navigate around that ‘she’ll be right’ culture that plagues workplaces around New Zealand. Plus, should mental health be treated with the same importance as physical health?13/06/2018 03:30 PM0:28:3Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 08 - 06-06-2018Mediation is the best way to resolve workplace disputes that have got out of hand, but what is involved? How do I access it? Do I have to wear a tie? We’re joined by expert mediator Hinemoa Dixon to help de-mystify the important legal process.06/06/2018 03:30 PM0:28:21Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 07 - 30-05-2018The Young Workers Toolbox covers all the employment issues you young workers can think of.30/05/2018 04:00 PM0:27:12Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 06 - 23-05-2018How do you prepare for a job interview? What do you say in your cover letter? How many referees should you have on your CV? And… do you get bereavement leave when your pet cat Felix dies? This episode we’re talking CVs and job preparation.23/05/2018 04:00 PM0:26:58Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 05 - 16-05-2018Why should employers pay a living wage? Bicycle Junction owner Dan Mikkelsen joins the Toolbox to chat about why being a living wage employer is important to him, and better yet – works for his business! Plus we spotlight bereavement leave. When should you get it? How much do you get? Who do you get if for?16/05/2018 03:30 PM0:27:21Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 04 - 09-05-2018Casual, permanent, fixed-term – what’s the difference? This episode we talk about the different types of employment agreements you can sign up to and the pitfalls to look out for!09/05/2018 03:30 PM0:25:55Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 03 - 02-05-2018This episode we dissect the various types of ‘leave’ you are entitled to at work.02/05/2018 03:30 PM0:28:16Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 02 - 25-04-2018What do you do when you’re in trouble at work? Going through a disciplinary process? What are your rights if you get sacked unfairly? This episode we dive into how to cope if you’re being raked over the coals in your job and what to do if sh*t hits the fan.25/04/2018 04:00 PM0:28:37Download //
The Young Workers Toolbox - episode 01 - 18-04-2018The Young Workers Toolbox is back! It’s new-old. In our first episode back we’re talking about the probable changes to your employment rights coming in this year.25/04/2018 03:30 PM0:27:21Download //