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Earthwise-15-04-2019 - Claire Bleakley GE Free NZMartin and Lois chat with Claire Bleakley GE Free NZ 15/04/2019 09:00 PM0:28:1Download //
Earthwise-01-04-2019 - Marjorie Cohn, distinguished American legal scholarThe US is orchestrating a coup in Venezuela01/04/2019 09:00 PM0:24:9Download //
Earthwise-04-03-2019 - Bruce Gagnon ,Secretary/Coordinator of Global Network (Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space)President Trump plans for a 'Space Force', yet another branch of the military. Also, Israeli military post in Alaska. 04/03/2019 09:00 PM0:26:13Download //
Earthwise-18-02-2019 - Jimmy Pasch, Jewish Voice for Peace, JVPJVP has published Deadly Exchange Report, describing how US law enforcement agencies receive training in Israel.18/02/2019 09:00 PM0:24:44Download //
Earthwise-04-02-2019 Palestinian-American Journalist Ali AbunimahThe Israel Lobby, so powerful in the US may have overstepped itself this time. By pressuring a Birmingham Alabama rights group to rescind a special award that was to go to Angela Davis, the Israel lobby has angered many in the American public. 04/02/2019 08:00 PM0:26:49Download //
Earthwise-17-12-2018 Dr Binoy Kampmark, Senior Lecturer at RMIT MelbourneAustralia Julian Assange dare not leave the London Ecudorean Embassy, for fear of being handed over to the US. 17/12/2018 03:14 PM0:25:10Download //
Earthwise-03-12-2018 Graham Townsend  03/12/2018 04:00 PM0:24:15Download //
Earthwise-19-11-2018 Federico FuentesFederico Fuentes, writer for GreenLeftWeekly. Brazil has a new president, Jair Bolsonaro. Workers, indigenous Brazilians, and environmentalists are very very worried. 19/11/2018 06:45 AM0:27:25Download //
Earthwise-05-11-2018 Rob Ritchie of the Otautahi Parihaka CommitteeNovember 05 should be celebrated in New Zealand as Parihaka Day not Guy Fawkes day. All New Zealanders should learn and celebrate the story of Te Whiti-o-Rongomai and Tohu Kakahi05/11/2018 11:30 AM0:22:41Download //
Earthwise-01-10-2018 Jeff Halper, Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)The Atta Jaber Story, Extreme Violence imposed on a Palestinian Farming Family.01/10/2018 11:17 AM0:27:12Download //