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Earthwise-17-09-2018 Peter Richardson of AWA, Aotearoa Water ActionA Chinese water-bottling company, Cloud Ocean Water Ltd, has permission to extract aquifer water at a plant in Belfast. This is not a new problem. The government needs to update and improve the RMA to protect water resources17/09/2018 11:32 AM0:25:16Download //
Earthwise-03-09-2018 Marjorie CohnMarjorie Cohn, Distinguished American Legal scholar discusses her article: 'US Leaders Aid and Abet War Crimes in Yemen'03/09/2018 11:28 AM0:24:29Download //
Earthwise-20-08-2018 Jon Muller, GE Free NZMonsanto, maker of Roundup, is being sued in a California court for being responsible for a groundsman's terminal cancer , by deliberately withholding information about the carcinogenic dangers of Roundup.20/08/2018 11:30 AM0:22:7Download //
Earthwise-06-08-2018 Ali Abunimah, Palestinian-American JournalistIsrael's new law, Nation-State Law, makes it clear that Israel is a State, by law, for the Jewish people only.06/08/2018 11:45 AM0:19:55Download //
Earthwise-02-07-2018 Martha Hennessy, Catholic Worker, Granddaughter of Dorothy DayMartha and 6 other Catholic workers were arrested when protesting at the King's Bay Trident Nuclear Submarine base in Georgia USA, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King02/07/2018 08:45 AM0:25:15Download //
Earthwise-18-06-2018 Ray McGovern, Veteran CIA OfficerHe opposed the appointment of the new CIA Director, Gina Haspel Gina Haspel was in charge of a CIA black site in Thailand where torture, including water-boarding, was done. 18/06/2018 12:44 PM0:25:32Download //
Earthwise-04-06-2018 Ramzy Baroud, US/Palestinian AuthorRamzy Baroud, Palestinian-American journalist, author, editor of the website Palestine Chronicle The Zionist agenda to 'disappear' knowledge of Palestinian history and culture, is failing 04/06/2018 02:59 PM0:24:45Download //
Earthwise-21-05-2018 Julie Webb PullmanLois and Martin speak to New Zealand journalist, Julie Webb Pullman, who is based in Gaza. 21/05/2018 11:31 AM0:25:32Download //
Earthwise-07-05-2018 Marjorie Cohn, Distinguished American legal scholar, political analyst, Professor Emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law International law Re: US led bombing of Syria + the Israeli shooting of Palestinian protesters 07/05/2018 12:30 PM0:26:35Download //