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Leaders of the Past-12-10-2018 wk42Betchger is todays leader12/10/2018 04:47 PM0:21:25Download //
Leaders of the Past-02-10-2018 wk40 SocratesBill interviews one of the greatest philosophers...02/10/2018 04:59 PM0:22:28Download //
Leaders of the Past-14-09-2018 Wk38 lough or lewBill and GJ chat about Lew.14/09/2018 12:43 PM0:24:55Download //
Leaders of the Past-31-08-2018 wk36 BonhofferDeitrich Bonhoffer is this weeks hero.31/08/2018 02:59 PM0:26:34Download //
Leaders of the Past-20-08-2018 Earl NightingaleBill and Graeme explore the example of leadership given by Earl Nightingale20/08/2018 11:39 AM0:23:45Download //