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Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-21-04-2019 21/04/2019 07:00 AM0:30:56Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-14-04-2019Pete and Aaron talk ex Nissan CEO's further arrests and more new car news!14/04/2019 07:00 AM0:30:21Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-07-04-2019 Pete & Aaron talk cops and Commodores - and a bit of news from Nissan!07/04/2019 06:00 PM0:29:9Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-31-03-2019Pete and Aaron talk about Electric Vehicles making sci-fi sounds so they aren't dangerously quiet, and the announcement of the Pininfarina Battista, a superfast EV made in Italy!31/03/2019 06:00 PM0:28:47Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-24-03-2019This episode is a full tank of car news - don't miss it!24/03/2019 06:00 PM0:26:50Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-17-03-2019Pete & Aaron are looking into Swedish Supercar Maker Koenigsegg and their latest creation!17/03/2019 06:00 PM0:28:29Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-10-03-2019Pete & Aaron are going a bit Honda-tastic - with vehicles that charm, offend and even explode!10/03/2019 06:00 PM0:27:23Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-03-03-2019Pete and Aaron look at why there’s excess C7 Corvettes, and later take a look at the little Suzuki that could, aaand it’s evil twin!03/03/2019 06:00 PM0:29:55Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-24-02-2019Pete and Aaron are talking 'going electric', and look at some of the problems with this emerging market!24/02/2019 06:00 PM0:30:10Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-17-02-2019Pete & Aaron bring you the details of General Motor's plans in Australia, and news from Toyota!17/02/2019 06:00 PM0:27:8Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-11-02-2019 11/02/2019 03:19 PM0:0:0Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-10-02-2019Pete & Aaron check out the new electric dune buggy from VW, get you some details about Top Gear presenter Chris Harris’ crash, and the reborn Gas Monkey Ferrari F40 that's for sale once again! 10/02/2019 06:00 PM0:28:19Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-03-02-2019Pete & Aaron dive into looking at the massive recall by Kia and Hyundai and talk about the possibility of Lime cars coming out.03/02/2019 06:00 PM0:28:7Download //
Grinding Gears - Pete and Aaron-27-01-2019Pete and Aaron check out the new hybrid Range Rover and see what’s happening with disgraced Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn!27/01/2019 06:00 PM0:28:25Download //