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Intentional Millennial-16-09-2019 - Civil Rights in the Age of Big DataTechnical and media trends impacting young people16/09/2019 08:30 PM0:24:36Download //
Intentional Millennial-19-08-2019 - Social Media meshing personal and the publicTechnical and media trends impacting young people19/08/2019 08:30 PM0:27:41Download //
Intentional Millennial-15-07-2019 - Censorship and Cyber-HateThis episode looks at the growth of cyberhate, the use of online platforms by terrorists, and the growing global conversation around security and internet censorship. The scale of this issue is enormous, as it raises complex legal and ethical questions, and questions about the trade-off between what liberal democracies regard as fundamental human rights.15/07/2019 08:30 PM0:26:17Download //
Intentional Millennial-17-06-2019 A New Era of Warfare? AI in Weapons SystemsTechnical and media trends impacting young people17/06/2019 06:10 PM0:23:28Download //
Intentional Millennial-20-05-2019 Death by Science Fiction? The AI DebateTalia delves into the artificial intelligence debate20/05/2019 04:05 PM0:22:23Download //
Intentional Millennial-15-04-2019 Episode 3Are we in control of information and the communication technologies or do they control us?15/04/2019 08:00 PM0:26:48Download //