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Millsy Rocks - Carl Mills Rock Metal Show


Rock and metal fans rejoice – experienced broadcaster Carl “Millsy” Mills finally gets to play his favourite music every week with his own show on Radio Southland.

Host: Radio Southland
Produced By: Radio Southland
Language: English
Category: Music
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Millsy Rocks - Carl Mills Rock Metal Show-08-11-2019Hey rockers, hope you've had a great week, and that you're ready to rock out with Millsy! All the regulars are here, plus new music from a band that have been at the centre of a lip syncing scandal over the last few years. There's also a Swedish artist that doesn't sing in English because he didn't want to. And so much more too. Rock on!08/11/2019 07:00 AM2:1:19Download //
Millsy Rocks - Carl Mills Rock Metal Show-01-11-2019Hey rockers, welcome into November. As it's the first episode for the month, it's time for another special. Millsy's calling it Stroke My Ego. Over his radio career he's had the privilege to talk to or even meet some outstanding musical artists. So this episode he gives you the rundown of who they are. Plenty of Kiwi artists, some international performers, and even a Grammy nominee. Who are they? Have a listen and rock on!01/11/2019 07:00 AM2:1:37Download //
Millsy Rocks - Carl Mills Rock Metal Show-25-10-2019Hey rockers, we have reached the end of another week. Apart from the weather, Millsy has been okay. But it will be so much better with 2 hours of rock and metal. He's got all the regulars, one of his favourite guitar solos of all time (that isn't related in any way to Megadeath...) plus so much great music from around the globe. He will get totally insensitive too. 25/10/2019 07:00 AM2:1:21Download //
Millsy Rocks - Carl Mills Rock Metal Show-18-10-2019Hey rockers, Millsy Rocks is here. All the regulars feature this episode, plus Millsy's favourite band OF ALL TIME! Rock on.18/10/2019 07:00 AM2:0:42Download //