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Information and support for the Vietnamese community in New Zealand

Host: Kim Van
Produced By: Thi Phan and Kim Van
Language: Vietnamese
Category: Ethnic Diversity
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Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-27-11-2017 Upcoming events in Christchurch27 11 2017 03:05 PM0:25:8Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-24-07-2017-New NZ Business Regulations Part 224 07 2017 07:00 PM0:25:8Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-17-07-2017-New Business reguations17 07 2017 07:00 PM0:25:5Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-03-07-2017-Starting a Business in NZ -Thành lập doanh nghiệp03 07 2017 07:00 PM0:26:37Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-26-06-2017-New Zealand - A Safe, Stable and Sustainable Business Environment26 06 2017 07:00 PM0:25:10Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-19-06-2017-Vietnam and New Zealand in Business (ETDBNZ)19 06 2017 07:00 PM0:25:16Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-12-06-2017-Back to Childhood Playlist12 06 2017 07:00 PM0:24:57Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-29-05-2017-Queen's Birthday and the Book "ETDBNZ" Part 329 05 2017 07:00 PM0:22:38Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-22-05-2017-Book on Easy to do Business in New Zealand - Part 222 05 2017 06:35 PM0:24:8Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-15-05-2017-Book on Easy to do Business in New Zealand - Part 115 05 2017 07:00 PM0:23:46Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-08-05-2017-Mother's Day - Ngay cua me08 05 2017 07:00 PM0:25:45Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-01-05-2017-Tips for tenants - lời khuyên khi đi thuê nhà01 05 2017 07:00 PM0:25:59Download
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)-24-04-2017-ANZAC Day-Timebank - Ngan hang thoi gian24 04 2017 07:00 PM0:25:47Download