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Paris S’eveille-06-12-2018 Second Annual Meeting of French Scientists and Researchers in Aotearoa: FAST!.2 Antonio chats with special guests at FAST!.206/12/2018 02:14 PM0:26:8Download //
Paris S’eveille-15-11-2018 The End of The War: A Kiwi and French Perspective Eric and his son chat about the end of the war. 15/11/2018 02:51 PM0:21:20Download //
Paris S’eveille-01-11-2018 From Wīwī to Iwi: Comparing Cultures in the Francosphere French conversation and culture. 01/11/2018 11:09 AM0:25:11Download //
Paris S’eveille-18-10-2018 Children's Story Time with T'choupiAntonio and his children share stories and songs!18/10/2018 09:46 AM0:20:35Download //
Paris S’eveille-04-10-2018 Discussing Bilingualism and Immersion with Lindsay Greene An interview with Lindsay Greene.04/10/2018 03:02 PM0:24:17Download //
Paris S’eveille-20-09-2018 Francophone Pacific Neighbours Eric and Antonio. 20/09/2018 01:55 PM0:22:37Download //
Paris S’eveille-06-09-2018 Ecological and Linguistic (Dis)AgreementsEric and Antonio. 06/09/2018 12:07 PM0:24:49Download //
Paris S’eveille-16-08-2018 Peter LowLanguage, music and translation. 16/08/2018 02:31 PM0:23:31Download //
Paris S’eveille-02-08-2018 Football and NationhoodAntonio and Eric chat about Football and Nationhood.02/08/2018 12:09 PM0:27:8Download //
Paris S’eveille-21-06-2018 Auteurs de BD de Nouvelle-Caledonie Auteurs de BD de Nouvelle-Caledonie 21/06/2018 01:23 PM0:26:16Download //