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IDEA clients (people with learning disabilities) in Southland produce their own radio show here - in fact they have been involved with programme making now for seven years. The show is an hour of popular music with people taking turns at announcing the songs and talking about their favourite things. Some have the ability to do technical tasks and others require a bit more help, but they all say their ‘radio’ hour is something they all really look forward to each week. IDEA Radio Show broadcasts weekly on Thursdays at 12.30pm – 1.30pm.

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Category: Music
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Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-14-09-201713 09 2017 12:06 PM0:56:5Download
Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-07-09-201706 09 2017 04:54 PM0:56:51Download
Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-31-08-201731 08 2017 11:04 AM0:56:51Download
Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-17-08-201716 08 2017 11:39 AM0:57:7Download
Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-03-08-201701 08 2017 05:25 PM1:0:23Download
Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-20-07-201721 07 2017 12:05 PM0:55:24Download
Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-06-07-201707 07 2017 03:16 PM0:55:31Download
Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-29-06-201729 06 2017 01:53 PM0:57:17Download
Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-22-06-201721 06 2017 11:36 AM1:1:13Download
Idea Radio - Idea Service Users-08-06-201707 06 2017 03:23 PM0:54:3Download