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Conversations-15-02-2019 The Gibbs of Canada Todd or Graeme talk with people about their lives, interests and passions15/02/2019 02:56 PM0:21:27Download //
Conversations-08-02-2019 wk07 Rob Walker Todd chats with Rob, two icons of the radio industry 08/02/2019 12:03 PM0:30:4Download //
Conversations-01-02-2019 wk06 Otaki Historical SocietyAnnie chats with Pat Bloxhan 01/02/2019 12:13 PM0:28:26Download //
Conversations-25-01-2019 wk05 Mark Fox MAFGJ chats with Mark Fox of Mission Aviation Fellowship25/01/2019 03:51 PM0:22:2Download //
Conversations-18-01-2019 wk04 Todd talks with Nikki Carroll 18/01/2019 03:51 PM0:28:58Download //
Conversations-11-01-2019 wk03 Erin CarrollTodd chats with Erin about her China Trip11/01/2019 04:40 PM0:29:33Download //
Conversations-24-12-2018 wk01 Paul IngramPaul chats with Business Mentor, Paul Ingram24/12/2018 03:45 PM0:28:42Download //
Conversations-21-12-2018 wk52 Katherine Kelly ep 3Katherine and GJ conclude their chat about living with AVM21/12/2018 03:02 PM0:24:39Download //
Conversations-14-12-2018 wk51 Otaki HistoricalSarah14/12/2018 03:47 PM0:27:25Download //
Conversations-07-12-2018 wk50 Kate SpenserGJ chats with Kate, in the UK.07/12/2018 04:14 PM0:23:51Download //
Conversations-30-11-2018 wk49 Peyton MoreteGJ chats with Peyton about her music and recent award30/11/2018 04:30 PM0:15:7Download //
Conversations-23-11-2018 wk48 Kathryn Kelly Part 2GJ chats with Kathryn about AVM, and life in this second part of a three part interview23/11/2018 02:55 PM0:29:41Download //