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Angus Pauley interviews Dunedin based founders and experts in particular fields as they discuss the tools, tips, tricks and habits that have helped make them successful.

Host: Angus Pauley
Produced By: OAR FM Dunedin
Language: English
Category: Business and Marketing
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Startup Dunedin Podcast - 14-11-2019 - 11 - The Audacious Student Empowering WomenTenisha was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at just seventeen years old. She was told that she was probably going to be miserable, struggle to get pregnant and should lose some weight if she wanted to get close to living a happy, normal life. After using "Dr. Google" and finding dozens of stories from other women struggling with PCOS she decided that she could make a difference. A couple of years later, Tenisha had the opportunity to complete a project as part of her qualification. She doubled down on this by joining Audacious and creating PCOS Fit. A health programme specifically for women with PCOS. On the podcast we discussed PCOS, her journey so far and how she plans on bringing PCOS to more women around the world. For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz14/11/2019 11:00 PM0:49:47Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 17-10-2019 - 10 - International Athletes Turned Entrepreneurs There are over 130 craft breweries and over 500 wineries in New Zealand. The vast majority have a taproom or cellar door where you can hear more information about the wine or beer you're about to buy. But what happens when you're at the supermarket or liquor store? Compass gives consumers the customer service they deserve, regardless of where they purchase the product. Their technology allows businesses to tell their story and share important product information, all through the consumers smartphone. On this episode, Angus sat down with Matthew Clough and Olivier Despati to talk about their experience starting up through Audacious, Startup Dunedin's student startup programme for Otago Polytechnic and University of Otago students. For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz17/10/2019 11:00 PM0:46:7Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 19-09-2019 - 09 - Solving New Zealand's $48M Re-injury Problem When Physiotherapy students, Tobias Hoeta and Andreas Hirczy were sent on placement they came home to their flat telling each other a very similar story. Their patients frequently didn’t complete their prescribed exercises and were hot on the path to re-injury. Many of their classmates and the physiotherapists they spoke to had the exact same problem. After a little digging, Toby and Dre discovered that ACC was spending approximately $48 million on re-injury claims each year. There had to be a better way. Toby and Dre won Best Business Case at Audacious Semester One 2019. They have developed a concept to increase patient adherence to exercise prescriptions. They joined Angus on the podcast to discuss their journey so far. For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz19/09/2019 10:00 PM0:54:55Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 05-09-2019 - 08 - Creating New Zealand's Premium Homestay NetworkThis week Julia Anne came on the show to chat about how she created New Zealand's Premium Homestay Network, Look After Me. Julia shared her story so far including: - Achieving a world record with over 20 billion social media mentions. - The World Cup, Pyjamas, PR stunt that won Look After Me their first customers - The importance of the shared access economy in New Zealand. - Raising capital in New Zealand. Look After Me (LAM) is New Zealand’s Premium Homestay Network. LAM offers welcoming, affordable accommodation all around New Zealand with experienced Homestay providers. All of their hosts have been quality checked and offer relevant local knowledge to ensure your visit is memorable. With a recent For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz05/09/2019 09:30 PM1:23:31Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 22-08-2019 - 07 - CodeLingo FounderThis is an episode for the developers and tech-entrepreneurs! Hear from Jesse Meek on his philosophy as a tech startup founder, the value CodeLingo brings to development teams, when CodeLingo has said no to customers and much much more. CodeLingo helps development teams write better code faster by automating common development practices such as automating finding and fixing bugs, automating code reviews, automating the generation of contributor documents. By focusing on project specific patterns CodeLingo allows developers to scale up themselves stopping the knowledge degradation when a development team grows. For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz23/08/2019 11:40 AM1:21:1Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 25-07-2019 - 06 - Behaviour Change, Motivation & BoredomMatt Jenkins is an expert on Motivation and Behaviour Change. He completed our Co.Starters programme to use his PhD in Sports Psychology to help individuals create diet and movement change with the Mensana Movement (Matt explains why movement is a better choice of word than exercise). During the podcast Matt discusses a range of topics including: - How he transformed his personal training business - The 'Motivation Soup' concept - How motivation theory applies in health and business - Why he chose Dunedin - The role of boredom in our lives - His journey in starting the Mensana Movement - The "Big Rocks, Little Rocks' tool he uses to distribute his time - The habits & tools he uses to stay on top of his game - Perceived value vs Actual value - Why health 'experiments' out perform 'challenges' You can find out more about Matt & the Mensana Movement at: - In the early stages of something new? You can enrol for CO.STARTERS now! Find out more: For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz25/07/2019 09:00 PM1:30:57Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 08-07-2019 - 05 - Alice Marsh - The Social ExperimentAlice Marsh is a co-founder of the Social Experiment. Alice is an alumni of the Audacious Student Startup programme and joined Angus on the podcast to share some of her experience as the co-founder of the weekend long event, the Social Experiment. For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz11/07/2019 11:00 PM0:47:21Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 13-06-2019 - 04 - Next Farm - Sammi Stewart and Aaron FurrerNext Farm utilises integrated farm sensor technology with cloud based dashboards that allow farmers to operate, manage and understand farm resources from the computer desktop or a mobile device. In this episode of the podcast Angus sits down with Aaron Furrer and Sammi Stewart, the team at Next Farm, to talk about their journey so far and how they're changing farming everywhere. For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz13/06/2019 10:00 PM1:4:11Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 30-05-2019 - 03 - Pledge Me - Anna GuentherAnna Guenther is the founder of crowdfunding platform PledgeMe. She joined Angus on an audio version of the podcast and shared some of her journey including: - Why Anna chose "Chief Bubbleblower" as her title. - How Anna got the idea for PledgeMe and her failure on Audacious - How PledgeMe responded when their transaction provider shut them down with no notice -The commonalities of successful crowdfunding campaigns - "The three C's" - The common mistakes and misconceptions of crowdfunding - Campaigns PledgeMe have rejected - The fastest campaigns raised on PledgeMe - Why crowdfunding works best for companies that are already going - Launching a cheese delivery company - Aligning values when forming a team - Her secret peer-learning entrepreneur group - Why social enterprise is the future For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz30/05/2019 12:18 PM0:27:6Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 16-05-2019 - 02 - Startup Weekend Winners 'Less'Angus sat down with winning Startup Weekend team, team Less 2 days after they won Startup Weekend Dunedin 2019. Team Less have developed an eco-friendly cleaning solution that drastically reduces plastic waste. On the podcast Sophia and Matthew share their Startup Weekend journey including why they got involved, the highs and lows of the weekend, the progress they made and where to from here. For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz16/05/2019 12:16 PM0:40:56Download //
Startup Dunedin Podcast - 04-04-2019 - 01 - Mk Haley and Priscilla EdmondsDisney Imagineer, MK Haley and Mahuki Activation Manager, Priscilla Edmonds join Angus on the show to discuss the Innovation of the Experience Economy. Topics include: How Disney made waiting in line enjoyable The role of physical stores and real life experiences in an e-commerce economy How Disney makes stories like Frozen feel authentic How sotrytelling might apply to an early stage startup + more! Mk Haley Mk Haley is a Disney Imagineer. Imagineers design the Disney theme parks, resorts, cruise ships and experiences that bring joy to millions of people every year. Within the Imagineers there are over 200 different disciplines. Mk has over 24 years of experience in both the creative and research teams, and joins us today as Walt Disney Imagineering Academic Outreach. Priscilla Loong Priscilla is a trained Graphic Designer turned Entrepreneur. In 2015, Priscilla co-founded The Misprint Co. a social enterprise startup company focused on repurposing waste paper into notebooks. Later that year, The Misprint Co. participated in the Lightning Lab Manufacturing business accelerator programme. Having been bitten by the startup bug, Priscilla joined the team at Mahuki – Te Papa’s business accelerator programme. Mahuki is focused on enabling startups focused on GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archive and Museums) sector innovations to access the market and grow. Priscilla is now the Activation Manager for Mahuki, and architects the four month programme helping startups to accelerate their businesses. For more information please visit startupdunedin.nz04/04/2019 09:00 PM0:42:44Download //