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All Access Internet Radio Programmes

Kalaabam Kalaabam
Promoting Tamil culture and language
Ethnic DiversityTamilPlains FM 96.9
Tamil on Air Tamil on Air
A show that brings you all the latest trending Tamil songs, current Wellington happenings, classic black and white melodies, and much more.
Ethnic VoicesTamilAccess Radio Wellington
Taranaki Tamil Vanakkam Taranaki Tamil Vanakkam
The Taranaki Tamil Association proudly celebrates the richness of their language, literature, arts and culture with their show, Taranaki Tamil Vanakkam.
Ethnic & CulturalTamilAccess Radio Taranaki
Vanakkam Tamizha Vanakkam Tamizha
Vanakkam Tamizha celebrates the richness of Tamil language and culture, and uniting Tamil communities.
Languages and CulturesTamilOtago Access Radio