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All Access Internet Radio Programmes

Apna Christchurch Radio Apna Christchurch Radio
Punjabi music, language and culture
Ethnic DiversityPunjabiPlains FM 96.9
Canterbury Cultures Canterbury Cultures
Canterbury Cultures is about stories about, and resources and services for, Canterbury's refugee and migrant communities
Ethnic DiversityEnglishPlains FM 96.9
Canterbury Sanjha Radio Canterbury Sanjha Radio
Celebration of Indian culture and languages
Ethnic DiversityHindi, PunjabiPlains FM 96.9
Cartolina Cartolina
You can hear about Italian language, food, experiences, and music in an accessible way. So find a comfortable spot with a glass of wine and a poster of the Tuscan countryside in front of you, relax and listen in...
Ethnic DiversityItalian and EnglishPlains FM 96.9
Dialogue Dialogue
Russian Language and culture
Ethnic DiversityRussianPlains FM 96.9
Fa'atauaina o Aiga Fa'atauaina o Aiga
"Faatauaina o Aiga" or in English "Focus on the Family"
Ethnic DiversitySamoanPlains FM 96.9
Faka'amanaki Faka'amanaki
News and support for the Tongan community
Ethnic DiversityTonganPlains FM 96.9
Fiesta Latina Fiesta Latina
Hispanic music and conversation
Ethnic DiversitySpanish Plains FM 96.9
Hagley Culture Chat Hagley Culture Chat
Hagley Community College ESOL students discuss current affairs and cultural issues
Ethnic DiversityEnglishPlains FM 96.9
Hoy Toca Cuento Hoy Toca Cuento
Classic children's stories and songs in Spanish
Ethnic DiversitySpanishPlains FM 96.9
Jalsa Fiji Radio Jalsa Fiji Radio
Fiji Indian news and music
Ethnic DiversityHindiPlains FM 96.9
Japanese Downunder Japanese Downunder
Exploring Japanese culture
Ethnic DiversityEnglish and JapanesePlains FM 96.9
Kabayan Radio Kabayan Radio
News, information and entertainment for the Phillipine community
Ethnic DiversityTagalogPlains FM 96.9
La Previa La Previa
For travellers and newcomers to NZ to share their experiences, become informed and have fun in Latin American style.
Ethnic DiversitySpanish, EnglishPlains FM 96.9
Mabuhay Radio Filipino Mabuhay Radio Filipino
Information and entertainment by, for and about Filipinos living in Canterbury
Ethnic DiversityTagalogPlains FM 96.9
Namaste Nepal Namaste Nepal
Nepali language, music and culture
Ethnic DiversityNepaliPlains FM 96.9
Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections) Nhip Cau Thong Tin (Making Connections)
Information and support for the Vietnamese community in New Zealand
Ethnic DiversityVietnamesePlains FM 96.9
Paris S’eveille Paris S’eveille
A programme dedicated to all things French
Ethnic DiversityFrenchPlains FM 96.9
Polka Radio Polka Radio
Discover the culture, traditions, history and music of Poland through Canterbury's Polish community.
Ethnic DiversityEnglish and PolishPlains FM 96.9
Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka Samadhi - Voice of Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan culture through stories, songs, traditional music, folk songs and melodies.
Ethnic DiversitySinhalaPlains FM 96.9
Samoa Feso'ota'i Samoa Feso'ota'i
News and information for the Samoan community
Ethnic DiversitySamoanPlains FM 96.9
The Scottish Session The Scottish Session
Traditional and contemporary Scottish music
Ethnic DiversityEnglishPlains FM 96.9
The Shetland and Orkney Connection The Shetland and Orkney Connection
Stories and music from the Shetland and Orkney Islands
Ethnic DiversityEnglishPlains FM 96.9
Toranj Toranj
Persian culture and information for Persian immigrants in Farsi language
Ethnic DiversityFarsiPlains FM 96.9
Voices of Africa Voices of Africa
Music and interviews about Africa
Ethnic DiversityEnglishPlains FM 96.9